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Before and After Chelmsford MA Kitchen

Wednesday, 22 Apr, 2015, 7:11 PM


  • Dark, dated cabinetry with dark counter tops in the Chelmsford MA kitchen
  • The living room was separated from the kitchen with a wall (see below)
  • A wall closed off the entry to the kitchen as well…just a doorway
  • Cramped work space between the stove and the sink
  • Microwave sat on the counter, wasting work space
Chelmsford MA kitchen
Before – Chelmsford MA kitchen –

Before and After Kitchen Hollis NH – Dream Kitchens

Friday, 17 Apr, 2015, 4:55 PM

  • Bland white cabinetry and light gray countertops…. no contrast and visually washed out in this kitchen Hollis NH.
  • Short wall cabinets with gap above, dust collector and lacking storage space
  • Sink was facing out the window, not facing company and family in dining area
  • Island divides kitchen work space, and seating  interferes with traffic pattern into the adjoining living room.
  • Cooktop was located in the island in the traffic area and close to seating, creating a potential burn hazard.

Before Kitchen Hollis NH
Before Kitchen Hollis NH. Dream Kitchens Nashua NH 603 891 2916

Westford, MA – Amazing Kitchen Remodel… With a catch

Friday, 24 Sep, 2010, 12:13 PM

We designed a whole new kitchen around re-using the tile floor, the tile backsplash and the existing granite countertop!  The result was more storage and a much nicer looking kitchen.
Beforehackley before 3 final

  • Existing cabinets were old; stark white and with peeling paint
  • Base cabinets all had doors with shelves, so you had to get on your knees to reach pots and pans
  • Small island plus a separate eating table made the space feel cramped
  • Appliances where too small to meet the needs of a growing family
  • No pantry storage

Nashua, NH – Sky Meadow Kitchen Remodel

Friday, 24 Sep, 2010, 11:19 AM

BeforeMesnik Before 1 Final

  • Base cabinetry is all doors, forcing the owner to get down on the floor to reach the pots and pans.
  • The cooktop is located dangerously close to the wood oven cabinet.  This does not meet Code. Not only is it dangerous, it limits the prep area to only one side of the cooktop.
  • The cabinets do not stretch up to the soffit, leaving a void for dust to collect and which certainly does not maximize storage.
  • The overall layout contains a large quantity of small cabinets, making it difficult to store larger items.
  • Corner area not being used is a waste of usable space
  • Most of the counter area is in the back corner and not useable as a workspace.

Windham, NH – More than a kitchen remodel; it’s a lifestyle remodel!

Friday, 3 Sep, 2010, 12:23 PM

Kitchen remodel in Windham NH, Great Lifestyle Change

Before The Remodelspooner before 1 final

  • The old kitchen was hidden behind walls, creating an isolated space
  • Cabinets were old and outdated
  • Lack of drawers made base cabinets difficult to use
  • Small island created problems in the flow of the kitchen when more than one cook came into the mix
  • Lighting was one central light, making the kitchen dark

Hollis, NH – Kitchen Remodel – Big Improvement in the Same Space

Friday, 3 Sep, 2010, 3:01 AM

Kitchen Remodel in Hollis NH great use of space, Huge Improvement

Before The Kitchen RemodelGamari before 1 final

  • Outdated, broken cabinets
  • Sink facing a window, limiting work space and making it difficult to entertain or cook in
  • Countertop peninsula and hanging wall cabinets separated eating space from “kitchen”, madding the kitchen cramped and dark, while also blocking the view of the fireplace
  • One light for the whole kitchen – kitchen was dark
  • Range is too close to the refrigerator, leaving no usable counter space

Nashua, NH – Kitchen Remodel – From 1960’s knotty pine to unique transitional with a lot of WOW!

Friday, 3 Sep, 2010, 1:55 AM

  • Original room was divided with wall cabinets hanging between kitchen and dining area
  • Wall cabinets with soffit gave the ceiling a lower feel
  • Sink was facing out a window, not facing company and family
  • Range was next to refrigerator with zero prep space on one side, and a “dead corner” on the other, making the prep space ridiculously small
  • Virtually no useable base cabinets in the kitchen
  • Very poor lighting made the kitchen dark and dreary
Contemporary Kitchen Goffstown NH

Nashua, NH – Amazing Sky Meadow Kitchen Remodel

Wednesday, 11 Aug, 2010, 2:45 AM

By removing one wall, we expanded this “basic builder’s kitchen” into a true chef’s kitchen, with tons of storage and flowing granite.
Beforewestberg before 2 final

  • Builder kitchen – plain cabinets did not go to the ceiling
  • Base cabinets had mostly doors, so you have to get down on your knees to retrieve pots and pans
  • Cooktop dangerously located – teetering on the edge  Walking by, it would be easy to tip a pot over or to get burned
  • Cooktop had no hood or ventilation, and no prep space
  • Sink was placed dangerously close to the cooktop
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