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Andover MA Bathroom Remodel

Sunday, 11 Jun, 2017, 10:33 AM
Andover MA Bathroom Remodel


  • Tile shower with sleek black cabinetry and quartz countertop adds a stunning modern look to this Andover MA bathroom remodel.
  • Double sink allows two people to use the sinks at the same time.
  • LG Rococo countertops provide a dramatic contrast while complimenting the rest of the bathroom
  • Drawer storage in the vanity creates a great place for hair brushes, hand towels and other small miscellaneous bathroom pieces.
  • Tall cabinet divided to allow a hanging area for robes while still providing shelves to store towels and other bathroom products
  • Large tile shower with bench seat attached to the tub is functional and stylish in this Andover MA bathroom remodel
  • Privacy wall with natural wood accent adds a fabulous natural element to this bathroom
  • Wood looking tile coordinates with the modern look of this bathroom while complimenting the natural element of the wood wall.
  • Two shower niches allows for plenty of shampoo storage.
Andover MA Bathroom Remodel
Andover MA Bathroom Remodel

In summary – Large tile shower with sleek modern cabinetry and quartz countertop add a stunning modern element to this andover MA bathroom remodel. LG Rococo countertops provide a beautiful contrast to the dark cabinetry. Wood tile floor compliments the overall style of the bathroom along with complimenting the natural look of the privacy wall. Large shower seat that is attached to the tub is functional and stylish. Plenty of storage provided in the vanity with the drawer cabinet along with the customization of the tall cabinet. Overall this Andover MA bathroom remodel is a beautiful addition to this home.
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