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Before and After Kitchen Remodel Billerica MA

Thursday, 9 Jul, 2015, 2:00 PM

  • This Billerica MA kitchen was very very small with white cabinetry and dark formica countertops, this kitchen needed Dream Kitchens help.
  • White framed cabinetry with black hinges did not provide much cabinet storage support and gave a farm house look.
  • Very limited useable countertop space, especially between the range and the sink.
  • White tile floor does not provide much of a contrast between the cabinets and the dark grout makes the floor appear dirty.
  • Arch way entry into the kitchen blocks off the space and makes it look smaller than it already is.
  • Very poor lighting in this Billerica MA kitchen only one ceiling fan to light the entire space.
  • This Billerica MA kitchen was definitely in need of Dream Kitchens help.
Before Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel

After Kitchen Remodel
After Kitchen Remodel

  • Wow did this Billerica MA kitchen transform to a beautiful traditional space.
  • Knocking down the arch way and going in into the walkway to the backyard made this space much larger with a much more open feel.
  • Changing the cabinetry to a warm wood color with granite countertops and tile backsplash update this Billerica MA kitchen space.
  • Updating the floor to a beautiful wood really gives this kitchen a warm feel.
  • Relocating the range to the corner provides a great use of the corner space and lets the cook have everything at their fingertips.
  • Moving the sink from the window to the corner provides the user to still be in conversation while doing prep work.
  • Plenty of cabinet storage for pots, pans, mixing bowls, tupperware, serving dishes, small appliances and anything else that the owner could need.
  • Large pantry area with small glass display area to personalize the space.
In summary –This Billerica MA kitchen had an amazing transformation! This previous Billerica MA kitchen was very small with limited cabinet storage and countertop space to work on.  Moving the range and sink provide a lot of countertop space along with great cabinet storage and are a great use of a corner space. Large pantry area provides storage for just about anything that you could need in this kitchen. Adding granite countertops and wood floors really just complete the updated traditional look of this Billerica MA kitchen.
Please click on the images below to see enlarged before and after pictures of this Billerica MA kitchen…
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