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Before and After Kitchen Remodel Tewksbury MA

Wednesday, 24 Jun, 2015, 2:21 PM


  • Traditional framed wood cabinetry with laminate countertops date this Tewksbury MA kitchen.
  • Cabinetry has an extra large crown to make up for the cabinets being lower.
  • Extremely limited space between the sink and the cooktop making prepwork very difficult.
  • Sink was facing out the window, not facing company and family in dining area
  • Very limited useable cabinet storage causing countertops to clutter in this Tewksbury MA kitchen.
Before Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel

After Kitchen Remodel
After Kitchen Remodel


  • Two toned cabinets with granite countertops transform this Tewksbury MA kitchen while still sticking with a traditional style.
  • Sink relocated to the corner allows the cook to look out into the dining room and still be apart of the conversation without allowing too much walk through traffic.
  • Putting the cooktop in the corner allows for great storeage and countertop on either side and allows for a beautiful wood hood with ornate wood onlay.
  • The contrast between the white cabinetry and the dark wood cabinetry makes this kitchen dynamic and interesting.
  • Wall cabinets are larger creating a smaller more appropriate crown.
  • Plenty of cabinet storage for pots, pans, mixing bowls, tupperware, serving dishes, small appliances and anything else that the owner could need.
  • Buffet/china cabinet is in the dining room perfect for extra storage and for entertaining.
In summary – This Tewksbury MA kitchen went from an older style traditional kitchen with laminate countertops and framed cabinets to a a stunning two toned traditional kitchen of today.  Relocating both the sink and the countertop provides more storage space along with considerably more useable countertop space. Adding a buffet/ china cabinet is a great place for extra storage or for placing food or drinks out for large parties.
Please click on the images below to see enlarged before and after pictures of this Nashua NH kitchen…