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Before and After Pepperell MA Kitchen Remodel

Monday, 7 Dec, 2015, 8:44 PM

  • This Pepperell MA Kitchen was ready for a remodel
  • Very traditional old style framed cabinets really dated this Pepperell MA kitchen.
  • Soffit was built to give the appearance cabinets go to the ceiling
  • Wood countertops on throughout the kitchen.
  • Not much usable cabinetry for storage in this kitchen design.
  • Framed Cabienetry makes the already limited cabinetry storage smaller than they appear.
  • Kitchen space is very dark with one overhead light.
Before Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel

After Kitchen Remodel
After Kitchen Remodel

  • This Pepperell MA kitchen Remodel had an AMAZING transformation.
  • Moving the range to the corner provides a great amount of usable countertop space.
  • Getting rid of the soffit on the walls and adding recess lighting really brightens up this Pepperell MA Kitchen space.
  • Plenty of cabinet storage for pots, pans, mixing bowls, tupperware, serving dishes, small appliances and anything else that the owner could need.
  • Updating the countertops to granite and changing out very traditional cabinetry really helps transform this Pepperell MA kitchen remodel.
  • Seating area at bar height allows people to talk to the person cooking without getting in the space.
  • Getting rid of the soffit and allowing the cabinets to go to the ceiling is a great finishing touch on this Pepperell MA Kitchen Remodel.
In summary –This Pepperell MA kitchen remodel went from a rustic kitchen to a stunning traditional kitchen. Relocating the range to the corner creates a great use of a corner space as well as creating an interesting look for the space. Updating the cabinetry,getting rid of the soffit and putting in granite countertops gives this Pepperell MA  kitchen remodel a beautiful traditional feel.
Please click on the images below to see enlarged before and after pictures of this Pepperell MA Kitchen Remodel …