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Before and After Windham NH Kitchen Remodel

Monday, 10 Aug, 2015, 7:52 PM

  • This kitchen in Windham NH was in need of a remodel.
  • This Windham NH kitchen was blocked off from the family room with just a small window by the sink and a doorway connecting the two spaces.
  • Very grainy wood framed cabinetry  with no knobs with two toned corian countertops make the kitchen look outdated and in need of a remodel
  • Even with an island there is still not much cabinet storage in this Windham NH kitchen.
  • Kitchen space itself is very small with very limited space for working and storage.
Before Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel

After Kitchen Remodel
After Kitchen Remodel

  • Relocating the kitchen to a different space in the room really changed the look of this Windham NH kitchem remodel.
  • Opening up the space so that the kitchen and living room are one really completes a transitional look.
  • Playing with highs and lows in the cabinetry add an interesting element to this kitchen.
  • Plenty of cabinet storage for pots, pans, mixing bowls, tupperware, serving dishes, small appliances and anything else that the owner could need.
  • Cooktop and sink are now in the island with a lot of countertop space on either side.
  • Two toned granite counterops add a stunning element to this kitchen.
  • Adding light bars to the ceiling so the owner can have hanging pendants.
In summary –This Windham NH Kitchen Remodel went from a closed off small kitchen to a true Dream Kitchen. Natural cherry wood cabinetry in a shaker style add to the transitional style of this kitchen. An island was created for the cooktop and the sink adding a a great place to work facing company as well as a great amount of countertop space.  Relocating and opening up the kitchen gives this kitchen a completely new feel.
Please click on the images below to see enlarged before and after pictures of this Windham NH Kitchen Remodel …
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