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Driftwood Kitchen Remodel

Wednesday, 13 May, 2020, 1:54 PM

Driftwood Style Kitchen Remodel in Hudson NH features improved storage

Kitchen remodel with fun driftwood feel in Hudson NH

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  • Driftwood cabinetry kitchen remodel, Hudson NH
  • Kitchen design with peninsula style island.
  • The island incorporates seating into the kitchen remodel and additional built in storage space .
  • New granite countertops complement lovely driftwood cabinets.
  • Updated stainless steel appliances placed into the new driftwood kitchen design really make the kitchen design perform efficiently.
  • Backsplash lighting is great to set the mood or use as a nightlight or brighten up the food prep area.
  • Now that the existing wall is knocked down the new kitchen remodel is spacious and easy to use.
  • Dual waste tucked away in cabinets keeps the smell down and off the floor plan.
  • Plenty of drawers and cabinets for storage space at hands reach in the new driftwood cabinetry kitchen design Hudson NH.
  • Gorgeous backslash behind the range to ties the gray painted cabinetry together.

In Summary- 
Our new driftwood cabinetry kitchen remodel in Hudson NH features a stunning design of accents and utility! Light brown tones and dark countertops contrast and work together to create movement throughout the kitchen. The previous kitchen was small and closed in. As the designer worked with the homeowners, it was unanimous to knock down the wall. Open kitchens create space and don’t necessarily break the bank. The peninsula style island works as a divider looking into the formal dining room area. This peninsula also works as a surface to prep, serve food or dine. Below the island there is plenty of storage space. The cabinets are made to look like driftwood and are easy to maintain.

Throughout the perimeter of the kitchen design in Hudson NH, there is plenty of storage space. The storage space is easily accessible and user-friendly! The homeowners don’t have to bend down or walk across the kitchen to get an extra pot or pan. Plenty of overhead lights are installed with backsplash lighting that brightens up the room. The homeowners wanted to incorporate some of their family’s past-down hardware. The designer worked with hand-made mug holder which  and incorporated it into the overall design.

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