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Before and After Kitchen Remodel in Nashua NH

Tuesday, 9 Jun, 2015, 9:30 PM

Kitchen Remodel In Nashua NH


  • White cabinets with wood trim and laminte countertops really date this
    Kitchen Remodel in Nashua NH.
  • Very limited countertop space for prep especially between the sink and the cook top area.
  • Sink was facing out the window, not facing company and family in dining area
  • Cabinet storage is minimal which is cluttering the already limited countertop.

Before Kitchen Remodel
Before Kitchen Remodel

After Kitchen Remodel
After Kitchen Remodel

  • Birch cabinets with a cinnamon stain now occupy this Nashua NH Kitchen giving it a much needed update
  • Sink relocated to the island providing a lot of countertops space next to the cooktop and the sink.
  • Double height island not only hides a messing sink from people entering this Nashua NH Kitchen but also provides seating for five
  • The corner built in microwave oven unit is a great use of the corner space and gives this Nashua NH kitchen a unique look and improved functionality.
  • Glass wall cabinets provide a great place to display fancy plates and glasses and gives this kitchen an added design element.
In summary – This Nashua NH kitchen had an amazing transformation. The previous kitchen was lacking storage and was very out to date. By updating the cabinetry and changing the layout this kitchen transformed to a beautiful functional space. Adding an island provides a lot of drawer storage and countertop space to work on. Additionally the island provides a lovely circular seating area for five which is perfect for a quick breakfast or a family meal. The oven microwave unit in the corner gives this Nashua NH kitchen a unique look and is also a great use of a corner space!
Please click on the images below to see enlarged before and after pictures of this Nashua NH kitchen [widgetkit id=1608]
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