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Nashua, NH – Amazing Sky Meadow Kitchen Remodel

Wednesday, 11 Aug, 2010, 2:45 AM

By removing one wall, we expanded this “basic builder’s kitchen” into a true chef’s kitchen, with tons of storage and flowing granite.
Beforewestberg before 2 final

  • Builder kitchen – plain cabinets did not go to the ceiling
  • Base cabinets had mostly doors, so you have to get down on your knees to retrieve pots and pans
  • Cooktop dangerously located – teetering on the edge  Walking by, it would be easy to tip a pot over or to get burned
  • Cooktop had no hood or ventilation, and no prep space
  • Sink was placed dangerously close to the cooktop

AfterWestberg after 2 final

  • Removed a wall to open up the kitchen to the dining and living area, making the kitchen the center of the home
  • Cabinets now go to the ceiling adding an elegant feeling, along with the illusion of more height in the kitchen
  • Added an additional sink facing the new round seating area, which makes it more fun to entertain, and integrates the new kitchen into the living areas
  • The corner cooktop allows much better prep space, and gives a fantastic focal point from the full-height granite backsplash
  • Reworked the front hall entryway to create a coat closet and make room for a shallow pantry in the kitchen

In summary – The transformation of this kitchen is amazing!  The basic kitchen that once functioned so poorly has been transformed into an incredible kitchen that accommodates the entire family.
westberg before 3 finalWestberg after 3 final

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