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New Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Thursday, 17 Nov, 2016, 3:45 PM

New Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Nina Hackel Dream Kitchens

People are spending more on new appliances.  It is rare today to get a client who does not want a 36-inch cooktop and built in ovens and microwaves.
My favorite new appliance is the induction cooktop.  It is ideal.  This cooktop has completely even heat and can heat water in just 90 seconds. It is electric but it uses induction technology.  This mean you need have a pot or a pan that has metal in it.  (Great excuse for all new pans!)  Not only does the induction heat better because it is even and quicker to heat but you cannot burn your hand on the cooktop.  This means it is completely save for children.  In addition it will save you money.  Gas cooktops require very strong venting systems while the induction does not require it as there is no fire.
Also in high-end appliances the new column fridges and freezes are very nice.  These have a much better look than the old fridge and freezers particularly when wood panels are placed on them.  In addition these new high end appliances do not have the doors sticking out in the room.  They are now ….

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