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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for the elderly

Saturday, 19 Nov, 2016, 10:39 AM

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for the elderly

dream-kitchens-Nina-Hackel, Remodeling Ideas for the elderly
Nina Hackel Dream Kitchens

Injuries taking place in the bathroom is a frequent occurrence among the elderly population. If you’re moving your elderly into your house, you must undertake certain bathroom remodeling steps to make the space safe and comfortable. Here are some simple bathroom remodeling ideas for the elderly

Solutions for improvement

  1. Install Grab Bars: Installing grab bars close to the shower or around the toilet will make it much easy and safe for your elderly to use the bathroom. A bathroom remodeling service will help you with it and would install wall bars parallel to the ground.
  1. Enhance Lighting: It is of utmost importance that your bathroom must be well lit, as vision tends to decrease with age. This means ditching old bulbs and light fixtures for a more energy efficient and bright LED lighting devices.
  1. Replace Door Handles & Knobs: Elderly will find it hard to hold small sized components, thus it is best you remove old knobs and install new door handles and knobs that are easy to use. Not to forget replacing faucets if they are very hard to be turned.
  1. Placing a Well-gripped Mat in the Shower: Bathroom surfaces are much slippery, which can especially be dangerous for the elderly. This is why it is mandatory to place a nonslip map on the bathroom floor.
  1. Raise the Sink or Replace it: Try raising the sink to a height of 30 to 34 inches if the person is in wheelchair. Make sure there’s enough room beneath the sink for the chair to fit in.

Hire a bathroom remodeling service in Massachusetts soon and make all the above enhancements to ensure safety of your loved ones.

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