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How To Choose Good Kitchen Cabinets

Monday, 21 Nov, 2016, 10:37 AM

Choose Kitchen Cabinets For Your Needs

Choose Kitchen Cabinets For Your Needs
Nina Hackel Dream Kitchens

Do you know how to choose kitchen cabinets for your next remodel?

Kitchen remodeling is not a walk in the park. There are so many aspects to consider from choosing the paint color to implementing safety measures. Residents must consider the equipment and materials that goes into the remodeling process. Amongst all such aspects, choosing kitchen cabinets must be done meticulously to ensure that the functionality of your kitchen is enhanced. Make a note of the following tips:

Cabinet Construction

Construction is all about how thick the walls of the cabinet’s box.  Cabinets should have 5/8 or thicker cabinet walls and have a 6 inch piece of wood in the top front and top back of the cabinet. Think of a cardboard box.  It is very easy to move that box one way or the other with a little bit of a pressure.  This is completely unacceptable in a cabinet.  Cabinets need to be strong. The granite which is 2,000 lbs. will either crack or put so much pressure on the box that the door and drawers will not function properly.  These is called racking. So when you are looking for a cabinet put your hand on inside the top drawer on the top.  If you can feel a strip of word that is 6 inches than you are pretty sure this is a quality construction.  However if you feel air this is a poorly constructed box and will not handle granite for any length of time.

Choice of Materials- MDF vs Wood

For many years it was clear that Plywood construction was better.  In the pass, all pressboard was made up a sawdust that was pressed and glued together, typically 3/8 thick or less.  Now pressboard can come in MDF- Medium Density fibers which is normally 5/8 or ¾ thick.  These MDF fibers make the construction as strong as Plywood.  In addition, MDF has an added benefit in 4 season climates.  Wood expands and contracts with different humidity’s which can make plywood warp.  However, there are little air pockets in MDF construction wood. Therefore MDF can expand and contract without warping.  Plywood’s main benefit for cabinets is that it is weighs less which makes the cabinets easier to hang.  In summary not all pressboard is bad.  MDF 5/8 constructed kitchen boxes are excellent. In areas that have warm and cold climate changes throughout the year I recommend 5/8 MDF construction over plywood.  In areas that have less climate changes throughout the year I recommend plywood as it is easier to install.

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