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Kitchen Remodel in Andover MA

Kitchen Remodel in Andover MA


  • Large open kitchen space with birch cabinets and multiple granite’s gives this kitchen remodel in Andover MA a earthy rustic feel.
  • Two islands provide lots of usable countertop space along with a space to sit and have a meal or talk to whomever is in the kitchen.
  • Plenty of cabinet storage for pots, pans, mixing bowls, Tupperware, serving dishes, small appliances and anything else the owner could need.
  • Raised section of prep island provides a stunning element of design as well as an additional raised area to sit.
  • Drawer storage added to kitchen with organization for spatulas and spices so everything has a place.
  • Knobs made of stone, pebble rock backsplash and supports that are made of wood are perfectly integrated into this kitchen remodel in Andover MA to give it an earthy rustic feel.
  • Lots of recessed lighting makes this kitchen remodel a bright space.
  • Plate pegs were put into drawers in this kitchen remodel in Andover MA to allow for minimal wall cabinets.
Kitchen Remodel Andover MA
Kitchen Remodel Andover MA

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