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Westford, MA – Amazing Kitchen Remodel… With a catch

Friday, 24 Sep, 2010, 12:13 PM

We designed a whole new kitchen around re-using the tile floor, the tile backsplash and the existing granite countertop!  The result was more storage and a much nicer looking kitchen.
Beforehackley before 3 final

  • Existing cabinets were old; stark white and with peeling paint
  • Base cabinets all had doors with shelves, so you had to get on your knees to reach pots and pans
  • Small island plus a separate eating table made the space feel cramped
  • Appliances where too small to meet the needs of a growing family
  • No pantry storage

Afterhackley after 2 final

  • Changed the cabinetry to a soft white paint with a glazed finish, and a contrasting cherry wood island, which gave the space more warmth
  • Incorporated the table-style seating into the large extended island – set at counter height – increasing both the size and the function of the kitchen
  • Raised base cabinets on the island add great storage, as well as visual interest to the new cherry island, completed with a contrasting granite countertop

In summary – this is the perfect example of how a really good design can dramatically improve a space.  Even though we needed to overcome some very limiting restrictions, this kitchen achieved an amazing transformation, while still enabling the clients to save some money by using existing flooring, granite and backsplash.
hackley before 2 final
hackley after 2 final