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What's New in Kitchens

Wednesday, 16 Nov, 2016, 5:44 PM

What’s New in Kitchens?

Nina Hackel Dream Kitchens

There are two looks that dominate the market today.
Paint it!  One is the pure white or with a touch of grey cabinets with a white marble-looking countertop.  Lots of pictures out there in the magazines are for this look.  This happens to be the best kitchen for the camera as wood is difficult to show the real beauty and requires special lighting to make it picture well.  These kitchen have beautiful tile backsplashes that are not subtle like white subway tile or maybe a marble wall tile.
The other look I call rustic modern.  It is more the “restoration hardware” look. It has a driftwood feel to it and will tend to have several textures.  The tones will be soft and can have a bit of elegance mixed in – like a custom glass window or a glass chandelier.

Let these additional photos inspire you….

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