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Dreamy Designs for a Small Kitchen Remodel: Dream Kitchen Tour 2022

Thursday, 29 Sep, 2022, 11:06 AM

Small Kitchen Remodels Feel Even Larger with Dream Kitchens

A small kitchen remodel can feel like a true kitchen makeover with the right designers! But if you’re like most home owners with a small kitchen, you probably think that your kitchen is too small. You can’t fit everything you need in there, and it’s hard to move around. But don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people are in the same boat. And thanks to a few clever remodeling tricks, you can make your small kitchen feel even larger. So if you’re ready to view our latest small white kitchen remodel, keep reading! Come on a kitchen tour of this beautiful, modern dream kitchen!

This kitchen felt cramped and outdated before its remodel, but now it feels bright, open, and spacious. The whole kitchen was updated with modern white cabinets and glass front cabinets. We even added a wine rack! We were able to increase storage and prep space by 30% without changing the footprint of the kitchen. This is a great example of how a kitchen remodel can totally transform your space!

Small Kitchen Remodel: Renovation Ideas for Empty Spaces

If you’re considering a small kitchen remodel, don’t overlook the potential of your empty corners. With a little creativity, these spaces can be transformed into functional and stylish features that will add value to your home. For example, we took an empty corner in this kitchen and created a mini bar. This elegant addition provides a convenient place to store wines, liquors, and wine glasses, while freeing up counter space. And because it’s located near the kitchen, it’s perfect for entertaining guests. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, think outside the box and explore the possibilities of your empty corners. You might be surprised at what you can achieve.

Small Kitchen Remodel: Backsplash Ideas

If you’re considering any kitchen renovation, one of the first things you’ll need to decide on is your backsplash. The backsplash is a small but important detail that can really make or break the overall look of your kitchen. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a guide to kitchen backsplashes, including the latest trends and colors.

One of the hottest trends right now is using cool tones like grey and black. These colors add a modern and sophisticated look to any kitchen. White cabinets are the perfect canvas for a cool-toned backsplash. If you’re looking for something really unique, try using grey and black tiles in a geometric pattern. You can also use these colors to create a kitchen accent wall. If you’re not ready to commit to a dark backsplash, you can always use black or grey accents to add some visual interest to your kitchen. For example, try adding black or grey borders to white tile backsplashes. Or use black or grey grout between white subway tiles. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks until you find something you love!

Contact Us for a Dream Kitchen Makeover

If you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration, be sure to check out our latest project. This dream kitchen was designed for a small space that feels even larger. Clever storage spaces like the floor-to-ceiling pantry and minibar area increase the storage and prep space while looking absolutely stunning. We hope this inspires you to create your own beautiful and functional dream kitchen!

Pick up the phone and call at (603) 891-2916 or schedule a free consultation at today! 

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Small Kitchen Remodel
Small Kitchen Remodel
Small Kitchen Remodel
Small Kitchen Remodel
Small Kitchen Remodel
Small Kitchen Remodel
Small Kitchen Remodel

Large Dream Kitchen Remodel: A Bold Yet Playful Kitchen Renovation, Pelham NH 

Thursday, 11 Aug, 2022, 12:56 PM

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are endless possibilities. From the type of cabinets you choose to the layout of your counters and appliances, the options are endless. If you’re looking for a way to add some personality and excitement to your kitchen, consider a large two toned cabinet renovation. This type of project can be bold and dramatic, or playful and fun, depending on your style. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a look that is perfect for your home. So if you’re ready for a big change in your kitchen, read on for some inspiration!

A Two Toned Kitchen Remodel:  A Bold Choice Filled with Opportunities 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s a place where families gather to cook and eat, where friends gather to chat and share a meal, and where memories are made. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right colors when remodeling your kitchen. The right colors can add a sense of magic and elegance, or they can simply make the space more inviting and comfortable. Our designers are experts at mixing and matching tones to create the perfect kitchen for your needs and desires. We love how this kitchen turned out! The black cabinets add a sense of elegance while the medium brown tones on the island bring a sense of warmth. We love how the dreamy white backsplash and countertops tie the whole kitchen together perfectly.

Adding Space To Your Dream Kitchen Remodel

As anyone who has ever gone through a kitchen remodel knows, space is one of the most important considerations. At Dream Kitchens, we know that your next remodel is all about creating a beautiful and functional space. That means making sure there is enough room to store everything safely and efficiently. These cabinets are designed specifically to maximize space and minimize the risk of injury. The corner cabinets are perfect for storing small yet heavy kitchen appliances, while the knife cabinets help keep everyone safe by keeping sharp objects out of reach. With these cabinets, dream kitchen remodel owners can have the best of both worlds: a stunning kitchen that is also highly functional.

Adding a Dream Kitchen Island 

If you’re planning a dream kitchen remodel, don’t forget to include an island! This feature is the perfect spot to host a neighborhood potluck or small brunch with friends. White countertops and warm brown tones add a lovely touch, while extra storage space is always appreciated. Store bulky items like baking pans, mixers, and cleaning supplies out of sight in this beautiful island. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, why not add a second sink or some additional prep space? Your guests will be impressed, and you’ll be one step closer to your dream kitchen. So go ahead and make that island the centerpiece of your new kitchen!

Contact Us Today!

A two-toned kitchen is a bold and beautiful choice filled with possibilities! The homeowners love how black and brown tones create an elegant yet warm atmosphere with the white countertops providing a perfect heavenly accent. As we designed this dream kitchen remodel, we made sure to add space while reducing the risk of injury. And where better to have the perfect place to host a neighbourhood potluck? Right here in this Dream Kitchen!

Your free consultation is waiting, just pick up the phone and call us at (603) 891-2916. Let’s get started on transforming your next remodel into a real dream kitchen!

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dream kitchen remodel
dream kitchen remodel

A New Home Remodel: Building a Bold, Bronze, Beautiful Dream Kitchen, Merrimack NH

Tuesday, 26 Jul, 2022, 1:39 PM

Are you dreaming of a beautiful home remodel?

Whether your style is traditional or modern, a bold bronze design can really make your home remodel stand out. In this blog post, we’ll show you an inspiring example of a bronze dream kitchen that features this bold yet beautiful color. So grab a cup of coffee and get inspired to create your own beautiful bronze kitchen!

Home Remodel: The Dream Kitchen Stove

Homeowners everywhere are always looking for new ways to upgrade their home so what could be better than a new kitchen renovation? A kitchen remodel is a great way to add value to your home while adding functionality at the same time. This stove is the perfect example of a stunning remodel that is both stylish and practical. The six burners on the stovetop allow the homeowner to cook multiple dishes at once, while the cabinets underneath provide ample storage for pots and pans. The black and brown countertops add a touch of elegance while the backsplash ties the whole look together. Whether you’re cooking for a large family or entertaining guests, this kitchen is sure to impress!

Installing The Dream Kitchen Island

People love spending time in the kitchen which is heart of the home! We felt that this remodel just need something extra special…that’s why, when we installed a kitchen island in this large kitchen renovation, it felt like such a game changer. Not only does it add beauty and functionality, but it also provides incredible storage space. The countertop area is perfect for serving food and snacks, while the sink is perfect for rinsing produce. Plus, the multiple levels make it so unique – perfect for those all important family gatherings. The homeowners were so happy with the decision to install a kitchen island!

The Dream Kitchen Mini-bar 

It’s no secret that storage is key in any home remodel. While most people focus on the main areas of the house, it’s important to not forget about the potential of empty spaces! We transformed this once empty area into a fully functional mini bar area complete with cabinets and countertops. This feature adds valuable storage and prep space to this remodel – perfect for extra items like wine glasses, cheese boards and more. So if you’re looking to add some hidden storage to your next remodel, be sure to consider all the empty spaces in your home! 

Schedule Your Free Home Remodel Consultation

Bronze is a beautiful and bold color that makes any renovation stand out, so why not experiment with bronze in your next kitchen remodel? Let our team help you create the perfect look for your home. Build the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted so contact us today by phone at (603) 891-2916 or on our website for your free consultation!

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A New Home Remodel: Building a Bold, Bronze, Beautiful Dream Kitchen
A New Home Remodel: Building a Bold, Bronze, Beautiful Dream Kitchen
A New Home Remodel: Building a Bold, Bronze, Beautiful Dream Kitchen
A New Home Remodel: Building a Bold, Bronze, Beautiful Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchens: White & Baby Blue Kitchen Remodel, Hollis NH

Wednesday, 20 Jul, 2022, 1:53 PM

Creating Custom Dream Kitchens

Are you planning your perfect dream kitchen? 

Dream kitchens may come in all shapes and sizes, but our designers at Dream Kitchens are experienced at creating beautiful custom kitchens that prioritize your wants and needs! The homeowners of this remodel wanted beautiful white cabinets and contrasting marble countertops. The finished results features an electric baby blue space with soft, natural light pouring in through the windows. No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, we can help make it a reality. Keep reading to find out how we created this dream kitchen for these homeowners!

Dream Kitchens: The Spice Cabinets

Custom cabinets are essential pieces for dream kitchens. A custom spice cabinet helps the workflow while cooking in the kitchen even if this feature seems like a small, overlooked detail. Imagine spices, herbs and cooking oils all within arm’s reach as you cook up your family’s favourite meal. You’ll never have to fumble through a messy spice drawer again! Having a spice cabinet in your dream kitchen is the best way to keep your spices organized, fresh and within reach. So if you’re planning on remodelling your kitchen, make sure to include a spice cabinet in your dream design!

Installing The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island has truly transformed this kitchen space into an home owner’s dream. Our kitchen designers made sure that this island met the needs and lifestyle of the home owners. This kitchen island feels so luxurious as it provides extra storage and prep space! Having more prep space was important to the homeowners so we practically doubled the prep space with the kitchen island! There’s enough seating for 3 people which is perfect for a small gathering with friends and family. Another benefit of kitchen islands are the ample amount of storage space; Small kitchen appliances are easy stored away and kept out of sight. Thanks to Dream Kitchens, the homeowners now enjoy their kitchen to the fullest!

Designing The Dream Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen remodel is a perfect opportunity to experiment with unique kitchen designs. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and materials to create their perfect kitchen backsplash. One popular kitchen design trend is the use of colorful backsplashes. Backsplashes are a great way to add personality to your kitchen. The homeowners in this kitchen wanted to keep things simple so they selected a classic subway style design. It’s a small detail, but it really makes the kitchen pop! The electric blue hue creates an exciting contrast against these dreamy white cabinets. The result is a kitchen that is both stylish and practical. Best of all, this backsplash was easy to install and clean.

Home Remodel Features: The Pantry and Mini-bar

Do you have an empty area in your kitchen? Our Dream Kitchens’ designers believe that empty areas are FULL of potential! We transformed a once empty space in this remodel to a beautiful white kitchen cabinet pantry. Now the homeowner can store bulk items cereals, dry goods, cans and so much more all in this remodel. The best part is that this pantry fits seamlessly into the overall design of the kitchen.

With a little imagination and the help of a experienced team, even the smallest space can be transformed into a beautiful and functional area. We helped this home owner turn an empty corner into a miniature bar area that neatly stores cheeseboards, cutlery and wine glasses. This feature adds both functionality and beauty to this new dream kitchen. An empty corner maybe a small space but we see it as a big opportunity that the homeowner will enjoy for years to come. If you have an empty space in your home that you’re not sure what to do with, contact us today.

Schedule Your Dream Kitchen Consultation

If you’re dreaming of a brand new kitchen, let us bring your vision to life. Our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect kitchen for your home. We can customize every detail, from the color of your cabinets to the shape and size of your kitchen island. Contact us here today for a free consultation and let us help you create your dream kitchen!

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Dream Kitchens
Dream Kitchens
Dream Kitchens: White & Baby Blue Kitchen Remodel
Dream Kitchens: White & Baby Blue Kitchen Remodel

Dream Kitchen Remodel: Designs for Your Next Renovation, Nashua New Hampshire

Wednesday, 13 Jul, 2022, 11:51 AM

When you think about your dream kitchen remodel, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

For many people, it’s dreaming about a brand new space with all the latest features and finishes. Before you can make your dream a reality, you need to visualize what your dream kitchen actually is. Be inspired for your next kitchen renovation project with this beautiful two-toned white and blue remodel. Whether you love classic or trendy remodels, these features are sure to please!

Dream Kitchen Remodels Make Life Easier

The homeowners love to cook.

Now this beautiful dream kitchen remodel offers so many ways to make cooking even easier. Double ovens add functionality since these appliances are stacked on top of each other. One oven can be used for preparing a main course while the other bakes desserts! The kitchen island also has a built-in microwave, so the home owner never has to tiptoe by the fridge again.

This remodel features a classic white subway tile backsplash. All natural lighting fills up this space as multiple light sources create different atmospheres! The homeowner loves how the black countertops create an elegant contrast against dreamy white cabinets.

Did you know you can see more examples of countertop combinations in our 3,000 sq/ft showroom?

Is A Kitchen Island Right For You?

Home owners love a kitchen that is both stylish and practical. Kitchen islands are the perfect feature to add incredible value to any home remodel. This beautiful blue kitchen island provides a wonderful balance of function and style. The ample storage space as well as extra countertop room add so many new possibilities. And let’s talk about all that seating around the island! The 6 seats give you plenty of elbowroom when hosting friends or family over for dinner. Our design team will ensure that your next island looks great while being functional! 

Contact Us For Your Next Dream Kitchen Remodel!

If you’re dreaming of a dream kitchen remodel like this one, contact us today! With so many great design options to choose from, we know that we can turn your dream kitchen a reality. We’ll work with you every step of the way. Your new kitchen needs to be perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

Get started on your dream kitchen now!

Contact us today at (603) 891-2916 or on our website for your free consultation! 

Dream Kitchen Remodel Gallery

Dream Kitchen Remodel: Designs for Your Next Renovation
Dream Kitchen Remodel: Designs for Your Next Renovation

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Large White Kitchen Remodel w/ Blue Cabinets, Lowell Massachusetts

Saturday, 5 Jun, 2021, 10:52 AM

A New Large Kitchen Remodel With White and Blue Cabinets

Storage is key in this large white kitchen, and this design does not disappoint! The bright white shaker cabinets are both functional and fashionable, making the space look very clean. Cabinets and drawers line the main wall of the kitchen. On the adjacent wall, panels flow to ceiling pantry cabinets to store all of your groceries. We even built in a small counter space perfect for displaying the fruit bowl or throwing your keys onto.

Adding a Kitchen Island

The large island serves multiple purposes as the center-piece of the space. This island comes with a built-in sink and pull-out microwave, as well as the dishwasher and even more storage. Charcoal blue cabinetry adds another cool tone to the kitchen and complements the white quartz countertop. Stunning pendant lights line the ceiling above the island make a statement! 

What can I add to my large kitchen remodel?

A lighter grey subway tile backsplash lines the back walls and match the countertop. Just look at how much counter space is here! You’ll never be cramped in this kitchen whether it be prepping food or unpacking your groceries. This space features a bar station, as well. Wine cubbies line the outside of glass cabinetry, perfect for all of your glasses. It allows space for a beverage fridge along with even more storage. Matching cabinets, backsplash, and countertops tie everything together. 

  • Heavenly white shaker cabinets 
  • Charcoal Blue cabinets and panels on island
  • Large cabinets for plenty of storage
  • Light grey subway tile backsplash
  • Brand new stainless-steel appliances 
  • White quartz countertop
  • Large Custom Kitchen Island
  • Window to bring in natural light
  • Many elements incorporated in island like sink, microwave, and extra storage
  • Stunning Pendant lighting to brighten up island area
  • Gorgeous bar and snack area for entertaining guests.

Schedule Your Free Home Remodel Consultation Now!

Upgrade your home with heavenly white cabinets and a brand new kitchen island! Our designs add 30% more storage and prep space to any home renovation. Click the button below or call us at 603-891-2916 for your free consultation!

Large White Kitchen Picture Gallery

Our Award Winning Team is READY to make your next remodel into a Dream Kitchen!

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Unique Kitchen Designs: Bar Area with White Cabinets, Merrimack NH

Wednesday, 24 Mar, 2021, 10:44 AM
Unique Kitchen Designs: Bar Area with White Cabinets

Create the perfect bar area with white cabinets all thanks to our Award Winning Design Team!

Isn’t this the perfect snack station? Keep the your drinks chilled at the right temperature with this mini-cooler. But there’s nothing “mini” about it! Sodas, juices, wines, mixers and even snacks fit wonderfully here. Next to the cooler are 3 spacious cabinets with 2 pull-out drawers that keep your utensils organized. Is that a mini-sink on the right? Our design team installed this nifty mini-sink with a drinking faucet. There’s enough space between the countertop and ceiling cabinets to use your coffee machine, flavored syrups and more!

The ceiling cabinets are PACKED with stunning features. We installed a wine rack that fits 7 bottles just under these elegant glass cabinets.  Speaking of glass cabinets, these glass cabinets have 4 levels which proudly show off your prized glassware! Efficient LED lights brighten up this corner by hiding just under the wine rack and ceiling. This bar area with white kitchen cabinets is perfect for storing your coffee, espresso and snacks!

Dream Kitchens proudly serves the New Hampshire and Massachusetts area by providing award winning designs. From kitchen remodeling to bathroom renovation, every space is highly crafted by our Design Team! Have any questions about starting your next remodel? Contact us today by email or by calling 603-891-2916! Our Award Winning Showroom features real kitchens in over 3,000 square feet.

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Custom Bar Designs: White Cabinets and a Mini-Cooler

Wednesday, 3 Mar, 2021, 10:37 AM

A custom bar with white cabinets perfectly accents any home! 

After a long day at work, why not wind down with a Spanish Rioja or a Vinho do Porto? Then select a bold cheese like Manchego to pair off that glass. Invite your friends over for a casual wine-tasting featuring your favorite wines from around the world! Our latest bar stores up to 12 of your favorite wines in two parallel wine racks just above the countertop. That’s not including the spacious mini-cooler just below! Elegantly display your prized glassware like champagne flutes or wine glasses with glass cabinets. These floor-to-ceiling cabinets are perfect for storing equipment like ice buckets, martini makers and more! Need space to store your knives and cutting boards? Spacious cabinets alongside the wine cooler keep everything within arms reach! Our Award Winning Design Team crafted every part of this custom bar with the home-owner’s needs and wants in mind. 

Let this bar INSPIRE your next remodel!

We’re PROUD to have won OVER 200 awards! Call our Design Team at (603)891-2916 or visit our website at to get started today!

Dream Kitchens, Nashua NH, is like no other kitchen remodeling firm in New England.  The focus is on designing and creating living spaces that make sense, and we look at each project with a fresh eye, making the space work with all the adjacent rooms in your home.  We guarantee we will make your kitchen or bath look uniquely beautiful, incorporating your own personality along the way.  We make your space flow better within your home, creating 30% more storage and noticeably increasing the useable counter space.

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Modern Kitchen Designs: Grey Shaker Kitchen, Amherst NH

Saturday, 23 Jan, 2021, 10:22 AM
 Grey Shaker Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Designs: Grey Shaker Kitchen 

Our new Grey Shaker Kitchen offers the best from our Award Winning Designers at Dream Kitchens! Each aspect of this kitchen is phenomenal yet functional in its design. The ambience is calm, modern and serves to enhance every aspect of of the homeowners life. This kitchen embraces the simplicity of modern kitchen designs while having traditional materials like brick which support the stainless steel oven and microwave. 

The standout feature here is the newly installed kitchen island. Our designers crafted this island to fit the unique shape of the kitchen. The front end extends outward slightly to accommodate up to 3 people.  As with all of our Dream Kitchen islands, the additional prep and storage space offers an excellent solution to store all those large pots and pans discreetly.  The island is placed directly in front of the stove and oven. Imagine cooking a large meal and having ALL your ingredients lined up on the island, increasing the comfort and ease of cooking! A light blue stool gently contrasts the cool grey monotone palette. 

Every Dream Kitchen guarantees to add more storage and prep space! The floor-to-ceiling cabinets offer another incredible way to fulfil our promise. Pull out drawers offer a convenient way to organize plates and dishes while the cabinets store spices, snacks and other pantry items. Two over head cabinets are noticeable at the end. One cabinet hangs just above the coffee maker, making it the perfect spot to store coffee, tea or snacks for the morning rush. The larger overhead cabinet is installed just next to the microwave and oven, allowing for baking supplies to be conveniently within reach.

The owner choose to install recessed lighting. This choice adds a distinctly modern touch and creates a calm ambience atmosphere. The sink offers a utilitarian approach to comfort and ease of use. The faucet is stainless steel, a popular choice among our clients. One classic Dream Kitchen’s touch separates the stove and oven. Look closely and see how this choice creates a unique space to store pots, pans, spices and any cooking equipment directly under the stove. 

We’re PROUD to have won OVER 200 awards! Call our Design Team at (603)891-2916 or visit our website at to get started today!

Dream Kitchens, Nashua NH, is like no other kitchen remodeling firm in New England.  The focus is on designing and creating living spaces that make sense, and we look at each project with a fresh eye, making the space work with all the adjacent rooms in your home.  We guarantee we will make your kitchen or bath look uniquely beautiful, incorporating your own personality along the way.  We make your space flow better within your home, creating 30% more storage and noticeably increasing the useable counter space.

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Large Bathrooms

Monday, 2 Nov, 2020, 2:42 PM

Large Bathrooms: A Dream Oasis

Large bathrooms provide luxurious space and options, if you have the space for it! You will not regret letting us transform it! This is the time to treat yourself and create an oasis for yourself to relax in at the end of the day. 

Large bathrooms offer flexibility and more freedom with design and layout. You can be as creative as you want with extra luxury pieces that provide function while remaining chic. Many of our designs feature large glass door showers with mosaic tile lining. There are often large vanities for a unique seating area or extra storage space. 

Take a look through this photo gallery of some of large bathroom remodels! Contact us for more information or to start designing your dream kitchen. Find us on Facebook and Instagram!

We’re PROUD to have won OVER 200 awards! Our +30 years of experience have led to crafting exceptional kitchen and bathroom spaces across New England. Call our Design Team at (603)891-2916 or visit our website at to get started today!

Dream Kitchens, Nashua NH, is like no other kitchen remodeling firm in New England.  The focus is on designing and creating living spaces that make sense, and we look at each project with a fresh eye, making the space work with all the adjacent rooms in your home.  We guarantee we will make your kitchen or bath look uniquely beautiful, incorporating your own personality along the way.  We make your space flow better within your home, creating 30% more storage and noticeably increasing the useable counter space.

Large Bathrooms
Large Bathrooms
Large Bathrooms
Large Bathrooms
Large Bathrooms
Large Bathrooms