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What Makes a Good Quality Finish for Kitchen Cabinets?

Wednesday, 2 Nov, 2016, 7:25 PM

What makes a good quality finish for kitchen Cabinets? 

Nina Hackel, Dream Kitchens

The quality of a finish for kitchen cabinets is important.  Most people have seen cabinets in which the crown moulding and the area around the handles have lost their finish. Therefore they look prematurely aged and worn. I have kitchen cabinets in my house that are more than 27 years old. They still look brand new with very little signs of wear.  A good quality cabinet requires a finish that can last. We test our finish with a quick fire test, has the ability to even handle acetone (fingernail polish remover) for a minute. They also can withstand steam and humidity. This can only be attained if it is a catalytic conversion varnish finish that has been baked on for several hours in a clean room, not just air dried. Be wary of cabinets that are “custom” and made in someone’s garage, or built and finished on site, as they will just not last.  The right finish on your cabinets can be the difference between buying your kitchen once or twice.

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