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Kitchen Cabinet Construction

Friday, 4 Nov, 2016, 2:51 PM

Kitchen Cabinet Construction

Nina Hackel Dream Kitchens

Kitchen cabinet construction is all about the thickness of the walls and construction of the cabinet’s box.  Cabinets should have 5/8” or thicker cabinet walls and have a 6” piece of wood in the top front and top back of the cabinet. Think of a cardboard box.  It is very easy to twist that box one way or the other with a very little pressure.  This is completely unacceptable in cabinet construction for obvious reasons.  Cabinets need to be strong and stable. Granite which weighs in the neighborhood of 2,000 pounds will either crack or put so much pressure on the box of a cabinet that the door and drawers will not function properly.  This is called racking.
When you are looking for a cabinet, put your hand inside the top drawer on the top.  If you can feel a strip of wood that is 6” than you can be pretty sure that it is quality construction.  However, if you feel air, this is a poorly constructed box and will not handle granite for any length of time.

Please take a look at some of our projects that feature superb Kitchen Cabinet Construction!

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