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Small cherry kitchen remodel, Boston Ma

Friday, 27 Apr, 2018, 3:43 PM

Kitchen remodel with cherry cabinets in small Boston apartment

Kitchen remodel with Cherry accents in Boston apartment

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  • Cherry cabinets in small kitchen remodel, Boston MA
  • Lots of storage space in this small kitchen apartment in Boston.
  • The honed granite countertops extend into a peninsula style island with seating incorporated into the kitchen design and additional storage space built in.
  • Large stainless steel sink with magnetic drying rack for homeowners dishes.
  • Updated appliances placed into the new cherry kitchen design range from double oven, small microwave and fridge.
  • Stunning pendant lights hanging over the island complement the overall style of Cherry cabinets in small kitchen remodel, Boston MA.
  • The seating area in the kitchen opens up to the living room area and dinning room area so you don’t feel so isolated form the rest of the apartment.
  • Short 6” cabinets along the window and walkway into the kitchen don’t take up much space but provide great storage for the homeowners miscellaneous  itoms and is great to use in a small area.
  • Dual waste tucked away in cabinets keeps the smell down and off the floor plan.
  • Gorgeous glass subway style backslash throughout the kitchen remodel with full height backslash behind the range.
  • Plenty of drawers and cabinets for storage space at hands reach in the new cherry small kitchen remodel, Boston MA.
  • New vinyl flooring throughout the kitchen that integrates into the living room area.
  • Honed granite countertops with 15 year warranty sealant treatment.
  • Outlets mindfully placed under wall cabinets out of sight from view but fully functional.
  • Additional lighting along backslash and recessed lighting to light up the kitchen when you’r preparing dinner for family and friends.

In Summary- 
In this newly renovated cherry kitchen remodel, Boston MA the natural cherry and gray accents throughout the kitchen interlaces wonderfully in the kitchen design. From the floor to the ceiling the colors interact with one another in a unified style. The honed countertops stretch throughout the perimeter of the small kitchen remodel into a circular seating area at the end comfortable seating four. The Stainless steel sink is plenty deep enough to fit large pots and pans to clean. It also has a magnetic drying rack that attaches and detaches when you need it. The microwave fits in the cabinet space just perfectly and is the right size for a family of two. The double oven and fridge are new and match the rest of the stainless steel appliances. There is plenty of storage space and tall pantry cabinets to hold all the homeowners pantry needs. The lighting weaves throughout the kitchen remodel from recessed lighting to backslash lighting. The floor is a new durable vinyl that holds up in harsh New England climates. It’s stunning and adds to the unique style kitchen remodel in Boston Ma.

Please click on the images below to see enlarged pictures of this Traditional Style Kitchen Remodel Amherst NH……
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