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Tag: Kitchen Remodel

White Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Dreamy Cabinets w/ New Countertops in New Hampshire

Looking for exciting white kitchen makeover ideas? 

These beautiful black countertops and a dreamy white cabinets are sure to inspire your next renovation! With the help of our Dream Kitchen designers, the home owner created a contemporary and elegant look that brought so much life into this remodel! Discover how we added stylish touches while maintaining function and practicality – from cabinet choices and fixtures, to stylish appliances and accessories.

Keep reading as we explore this perfect white kitchen makeover with black countertops!

White Kitchen Makeover Ideas: The Island

This white kitchen makeover features an island that does more than just look beautiful. With this kitchen island, the homeowners get more than just a basic upgrade – it comes with smart features that make cooking, studying, and staying connected even easier. 

This exciting kitchen island comes with

  • Glasstop Stove
  • Flexible Faucet
  • Seating for 4
  • Electric Outlets
  • More Storage & Prep Space

Our team installed a stove on the island to face the living room. This allows you to be a part of the conversation while preparing meals! A faucet next to the stove offers convenience when cooking soups or pasta without having to lug a heavy pot around. Talk about convenience! Plus, there is enough seating for four people, making it the ideal spot for grabbing a quick bite or studying without having to leave the kitchen. And lastly, electrical outlets are hidden throughout the island, providing an out-of-sight place to charge devices.

Home renovations ideas don’t have to be complicated – with this kitchen island they can be both stylish and practical!

Kitchen Makeover Ideas: The Extra Storage Space

Homes often have bare walls but where some see just empty space, we see exciting potential.

We took an empty wall and transformed this space into a pantry with glass cabinets. There’s even extra countertop space that’s perfect for showing off heirlooms or even quick prep for desserts.

We even made another pantry right by the island! This custom space stores the microwave, a paper shredder, cookbooks and so much more. The homeowner is so thrilled with all the extra storage space in their home!

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All in all, this kitchen renovation was a dream come true for the home owner!

By thinking outside the box, we created an exciting kitchen makeover that adds so much joy to this house. Stunning black accents, dreamy white cabinets, and plenty of additional storage space make this white kitchen so beautiful. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a remodel, then reach out to us!

Ready for a dream kitchen makeover?

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White Kitchen Makeover Ideas
White Kitchen Makeover Ideas
White Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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White Kitchen Cabinets. Black Countertops. An Unforgettable Home Remodel in Lexington, Massachusetts!

This white kitchen feels so light and bright after remodeling!

These white kitchen cabinets do more than add a dreamy touch to this home. This new remodel increases the storage space by at least 30% thanks to our designers. The home owner loves how the extra storage space clears off these beautiful brand new black countertops! 

Read more about this kitchen remodel for your renovation inspiration!

White Kitchen Ideas: Empty Areas Are Full of Potential 

The humble fridge is an over looked space during the kitchen remodel.

Too often home owners will stick a microwave on top while ignoring the true potential around this appliance. However, we recently had the opportunity to take advantage of this space and transform it into something unique. In this white kitchen renovation, we created a pantry out of what was previously an open space next to the fridge — creating the perfect spot for all of your kitchen essentials! It’s amazing what you can do with just a little creativity and thoughtfulness when it comes to your dream kitchen. Thanks to our designers, they created a floor-to-ceiling pantry that…

  • Adds over 14 cubic feet of storage 
  • Creates 7 shelves
  • Just 1 shelf in this pantry fits an air fryer, a blender, and accessories side by side. 

The home owner has the perfect mini-pantry to store all of their necessities. This one pantry now stores pet food, disposable plates and utensils, lunch boxes, dry goods, kitchen towels, paper towels and more. Maximize space by getting organized today with this must-have kitchen feature.

More storage space means cleaner countertops! 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: The Mini-bar

We opened up another unused area in the house and transformed it into a mini-bar. This mini-bar isn’t just about drinks though; with white cabinets, counter space, and plenty of shelving – it’s a multi-functional haven! From wine storage, to seating for intimate conversations, all the way to luxury decor, there are countless ways to make the most of the new mini-bar addition. This gem has quickly become a highlight of our white kitchen remodel – making any gathering or celebration more special and providing that extra something that makes a house feel like home.

This once empty wall is now a mini bar with

  • 18+ cubic feet of storage space
  • Glass cabinets (perfect for storing glassware)
  • Over 2 square feet of new countertop space 

This mini-bar brings in a fresh, inviting look to this white kitchen. Just under the brand new countertops are drawers customized to meet the home owner’s need for storage and organization. There is plenty of storage for plates, utensils, dinner napkins, and more that can easily be tucked away to keep this white kitchen looking brand new!

The Kitchen Island 

During the white kitchen renovation, the home owner wanted to add a kitchen island to their home. Now, it’s the perfect addition for gatherings with family and friends; plus the functionality is unbelievable! Instead of having to tiptoe to access a microwave on top of a fridge, we added a microwave directly into the island that makes heating foods a breeze. We also included hidden electrical outlets that pop up with just one gentle push. These smart kitchen ideas make organization effortless while keeping countertop space free of extension cords and clutter.

This dreamy kitchen island makes this new renovation look better than ever!

Contact Us for Your Next Kitchen Remodel!

We are so thrilled with how this white kitchen remodel turned out and we hope this post inspires your next renovation! If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help with your home remodel, contact us today. Let’s talk about your vision and start bringing your dream kitchen to life!

Call 603-891-2916 or click the button below to schedule your FREE design consultation!

white kitchen
white kitchen
White Kitchen

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Grey Kitchen Tour: Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Medium Remodels 2023

Are you dreaming of a brand new kitchen but unsure about your color options?

Painting your kitchen grey could be the perfect solution for you! Grey kitchens are extremely popular right now and offer effortless sophistication. But, it doesn’t hurt that gray is also a great neutral shade that can easily be incorporated into your home. Whether you have an extensive budget or just enough to make some impactful changes, grey tones can complement a variety of tastes. In this blog post, we’ll explore this grey kitchen remodel with helpful tips on how to achieve different looks. So come take inspiration from this stylish home-owner favourite in order to create your dream makeover!

How to Add More Space

Kitchen renovations are exciting and no one loves a kitchen makeover more than our team. On this kitchen remodel, we created even more storage and prep space with custom-built cabinets that provided design elements made just for the homeowner. These brand new black countertops offer even more prep space than before. In addition to creating an attractive aesthetic, this custom designed cabinets allowed us to add 30% more space than what was originally available, completely changing the look and feel of the kitchen!

Remodeling Ideas: Smart Sinks

Kitchen makeover ideas just got exciting! Smart sinks are revolutionizing how we manage messes in the kitchen while making countertops dry and clutter free. That’s right – you can quickly modify your sink to leave wet sponges or dishes to dry off the countertop. And even better, this type of flexible faucet can be aimed at any angle for perfectly rinsing fruits and vegetables with ease. Remodeling your kitchen has never sounded so enticing!

Kitchen Makeover Ideas: New Multi-functional Countertops

Kitchen makeover ideas can look wonderful and provide a financial return on your investment. Adding brand new countertops is one upgrade that looks beautiful but also offers new functionality. Not only do the countertops add more prep space in your kitchen, but they can now be multi-functional too. We added electrical outlets so every area where you install countertops can add charging capabilities for all of your electronics – a great feature for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen! With this simple yet effective remodeling addition, you’ll love how useful your kitchen becomes and how elegant it still looks too.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Installing Islands

Kitchen makeovers can be a thrilling endeavor, especially if it starts with an empty space. We recently had the pleasure of transforming such an area into a gorgeous kitchen island complete with cabinets and seating for three. It was so much fun to imagine new possibilities and watch them become reality as we went through the remodeling process. Kitchen islands are such a great way to add functionality to any home, and this one is no exception – we couldn’t be happier with the result!

Contact Us Today!

We love how this medium remodel turned out- it feels even larger than before! By adding new cabinets, a kitchen island, and brand new countertops, we truly transformed this space into a real dream kitchen. If you’re thinking about remodeling your own kitchen, contact us today for your free consultation. We can’t wait to help you transform your space into something you’re truly dreaming of.

We had a great experience working with Jackie and her team to redo our kitchen. We ended up with a complete demolition and upgrade including layout, cabinets, countertops, floors, and lighting. The changes are absolutely amazing! Jackie was quick to respond to all of our questions and arranged our general contractor and gave great recommendations for appliances and additional subcontractors. Overall the process was so easy and low stress.

Crista Bozogan

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Grey Kitchen Tour: Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Medium Remodels 2023
Grey Kitchen Tour: Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Medium Remodels 2023

Glass Cabinets for A Dream Kitchen Makeover, Windham New Hampshire

Glass cabinets add a dreamy yet elegant touch to any kitchen remodel!

You’ll love the transformation that this kind of upgrade will bring to your space. Your next remodel can have a unique look and feel since these cabinets come in all sorts of sizes, styles, configurations, lighting options and more!

With glass cabinet doors you get an extra special touch that delivers elegance. Plus they’re easy to use and maintain which makes them ideal for busy home owners who need to be able to quickly organize their ingredients or tools when gathered around the sink or making dinner. In this blog post we are exploring why adding glass cabinets could be the perfect addition for your dream-making kitchen renovation project — so let’s dive in!

Choosing Glass Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Glass cabinets are a great addition to any kitchen remodel – they offer a sleek, elegant look while also allowing you to show off prized possessions. Instead of relying on heavy doors to hide away glassware or family heirlooms, glass cabinets provide a unique way to display them for all to see! Make your kitchen interior appear larger and more spacious while providing convenient storage solutions.

Beauty and Uniqueness

Glass cabinets are the perfect way to update your home and bring a certain level of sophistication to any kitchen remodel! Your ordinary cabinet doors no longer needs to be plain; with glass cabinets, you can add mosaics to create stunning glasswork that is customized specifically to your liking. Imagine a glass mosaic, sparkling in whatever colors and designs you desire, creating a focal point in your kitchen. Not only do glass cabinets make a space look more beautiful, but they give you far more control to express yourself decoratively than simpler cabinet designs can offer.

Break out of that same-old cookie cutter design and give glass cabinets a try!

Schedule Your Free Design Consultation!

Glass cabinets are a great way to update your home and really bring a certain level of sophistication to any kitchen remodel. You can add glass mosaics to create stunning glasswork customized to your liking. Plus you can add an extra 30% more storage space – which is perfect for anyone who loves to keep their countertops clutter free.

Schedule your free design consultation by calling 603-891-2916 or filling out our contact page today!

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Glass Cabinets
Glass Cabinets, kitchen remodel
Glass Cabinets, kitchen remodel

Dreamy White Kitchen Designs: Tour This Large Home Renovation, Andover New Hampshire

Are you looking for a dream kitchen makeover? 

If so, our white kitchen designs may be the perfect option for you! White kitchens are classic and timeless, and they can easily be tailored to fit any style or taste. Plus, a white kitchen renovation can add significant value to your home. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of white kitchen designs, as well as some tips for creating your own beautiful white kitchen renovation. So if you’re ready to start dreaming about your perfect white kitchen, keep reading!

White Kitchen Designs: The Kitchen Island 

This white kitchen design is a dream come true! We set out to give this space an amazing makeover, starting with a fabulous white kitchen island. Featuring ample seating for up to five people, it also features a built-in stovetop, glass cabinets, and custom white cabinets. This stove orientation allows the cook to interact with family and guests. Plus this kitchen island keeps the family electronics charged since we tucked several electrical outlets within the island. Sleek black metal accents add an elegant touch to this white kitchen design! Whether you’re hosting your holidays or throwing a dinner party, this beautiful kitchen renovation will be the place to be!

White Kitchen Designs: The Coffee Station

What if your next kitchen remodel was dedicated to boosting your morning rush?

Then your next kitchen makeover needs a personalized coffee station! Creating your own coffee station is a great way to start your day off right and stay energized. Having a dedicated kitchen space filled with everything you need for your morning brew is the perfect way to streamline the process and get on with your day. Our custom cabinets will store your coffee mugs, your favorite bag of beans, and all the sweeteners without the clutter. Home remodel features like these take your kitchen to the next level!

Dream Kitchen Makeover: The Minibar 

If you’re looking for some kitchen makeover ideas that will add style, functionality and convenience to your white kitchen design, look no further than a minibar! This stylish solution is loaded with features great for home remodeling projects. It includes a vertical wine rack to store up to 6 of your favorite wines at room temperature; a mini-fridge to keep all your Chardonnays and snacks chilled; a small sink for rinsing fruits or small plates and cups; and glass cabinets for displaying glassware while adding extra storage space. The minibar not only adds beautiful accents to the black and white kitchen, but it also provides plenty of functional capabilities – now that’s a win-win in any homeowner’s book!

Contact Dream Kitchens Today!

From the white kitchen island to the charming minibar, this space is perfect for anyone who loves a dream kitchen makeover! If you’re looking for a beautiful and functional white kitchen design that will make your mornings a breeze, call us today.

Let’s discuss your needs and create a design that fits both your style and budget.

Call 603-891-2916 or contact us to schedule your FREE design consultation!

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White Kitchen Designs
White Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Warm Tones for Kitchen Makeover Andover, New Hampshire

Smart kitchen renovation ideas are essential for any kitchen makeover!

From smart sinks to custom kitchen islands, there are so many remodelling choices to make. One of the decisions you will make is what color tone to paint your kitchen cabinets. While there are many options to choose from, warm brown tones can be a great choice for creating a warm and inviting space. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of choosing custom cabinets in warm brown tones and provide some inspiration for your next home remodel project!

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Smart Sinks for a Home Remodel

When it comes to home renovations, people often think about perfection for the countertops and cabinetry, but tend to forget about the sink. Without a doubt, sinks are key for taking care of everyday tasks in the kitchen, from cleaning dishes and washing vegetables to preparation of food. In order to create a practical yet beautiful setup in your home renovation journey, integrating a sink should be an essential step on the list.

To ensure easy access and cleanliness, our team installed a feature that allows sponges and other kitchen utensils to dry properly without adding water mess on the counter tops. We also placed cutting boards that can organize different amounts of food before cooking or serving them. This will keep your brand new counter tops dry and mess-free overall! Taking this step in our home remodeling project allowed us to give the ultimate kitchen tour while maintaining an efficient setup upon completing it. Sinks really shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought when tackling home renovation ideas; they are one of the main components of a fully renovated home!

Kitchen Renovation Ideas: The Kitchen Island

A dream kitchen is an essential part of a large home remodel and there’s no better way to begin creating one than with a brand new kitchen island. Not only does this all-in-one feature increase your storage and prep space, but it also stands out as a beautiful centerpiece in the room. One of the standout features of our kitchen island is its mini fridge drawer which allows you to keep plenty of snacks and drinks cool and ready to go. This dreamy feature offers convenience and practicality, while its clear glass door lets you keep track of what’s inside with ease. Whether you want to entertain guests in a style or transform your kitchen into a dream cooking station, there’s no doubt that the innovative features found on our kitchen island make it an ideal piece for any large home remodel.

Corner Stoves for Large Home Remodels

One of the best home renovation ideas is to install a corner stove! Corner stoves create an ideal workflow in your kitchen and allow you to cook more easily and efficiently than ever before. Having countertops on both sides of the stove gives you plenty of room to prep ingredients and keep everything organized, while custom cabinets provide easy access to spices and herbs. Having a sink situated next to the stove is also incredibly convenient for washing produce or filling pots with hot water. A corner stove is an excellent choice for any kitchen makeover because it adds increased storage, workspace, and efficiency.

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, visit our 3,000 sq/ft showroom to see smart sinks that keep your countertops dry, real working kitchen islands, and beautiful backsplash designs to choose from.

Call 603-891-2916 or click the button below to schedule your FREE design consultation!

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas
Kitchen Renovation Ideas
Kitchen Renovation Ideas
Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Dream Kitchens: White & Baby Blue Kitchen Remodel

Creating Custom Dream Kitchens

Are you planning your perfect dream kitchen? 

Dream kitchens may come in all shapes and sizes, but our designers at Dream Kitchens are experienced at creating beautiful custom kitchens that prioritize your wants and needs! The homeowners of this remodel wanted beautiful white cabinets and contrasting marble countertops. The finished results features an electric baby blue space with soft, natural light pouring in through the windows. No matter what your dream kitchen looks like, we can help make it a reality. Keep reading to find out how we created this dream kitchen for these homeowners!

Dream Kitchens: The Spice Cabinets

Custom cabinets are essential pieces for dream kitchens. A custom spice cabinet helps the workflow while cooking in the kitchen even if this feature seems like a small, overlooked detail. Imagine spices, herbs and cooking oils all within arm’s reach as you cook up your family’s favourite meal. You’ll never have to fumble through a messy spice drawer again! Having a spice cabinet in your dream kitchen is the best way to keep your spices organized, fresh and within reach. So if you’re planning on remodelling your kitchen, make sure to include a spice cabinet in your dream design!

The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island has truly transformed this kitchen space into an home owner’s dream. Our kitchen designers made sure that this island met the needs and lifestyle of the home owners. This kitchen island feels so luxurious as it provides extra storage and prep space! Having more prep space was important to the homeowners so we practically doubled the prep space with the kitchen island! There’s enough seating for 3 people which is perfect for a small gathering with friends and family. Another benefit of kitchen islands are the ample amount of storage space; Small kitchen appliances are easy stored away and kept out of sight. Thanks to Dream Kitchens, the homeowners now enjoy their kitchen to the fullest!

The Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen remodel is a perfect opportunity to experiment with unique kitchen designs. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and materials to create their perfect kitchen backsplash. One popular kitchen design trend is the use of colorful backsplashes. Backsplashes are a great way to add personality to your kitchen. The homeowners in this kitchen wanted to keep things simple so they selected a classic subway style design. It’s a small detail, but it really makes the kitchen pop! The electric blue hue creates an exciting contrast against these dreamy white cabinets. The result is a kitchen that is both stylish and practical. Best of all, this backsplash was easy to install and clean.

The Pantry and Mini-bar

Do you have an empty area in your kitchen? Our Dream Kitchens’ designers believe that empty areas are FULL of potential! We transformed a once empty space in this remodel to a beautiful white kitchen cabinet pantry. Now the homeowner can store bulk items cereals, dry goods, cans and so much more all in this remodel. The best part is that this pantry fits seamlessly into the overall design of the kitchen.

With a little imagination and the help of a experienced team, even the smallest space can be transformed into a beautiful and functional area. We helped this home owner turn an empty corner into a miniature bar area that neatly stores cheeseboards, cutlery and wine glasses. This feature adds both functionality and beauty to this new dream kitchen. An empty corner maybe a small space but we see it as a big opportunity that the homeowner will enjoy for years to come. If you have an empty space in your home that you’re not sure what to do with, contact us today.

How To Contact Dream Kitchens

If you’re dreaming of a brand new kitchen, let us bring your vision to life. Our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect kitchen for your home. We can customize every detail, from the color of your cabinets to the shape and size of your kitchen island. Contact us here today for a free consultation and let us help you create your dream kitchen!

Need a little inspiration for your next dream kitchen?

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Dream Kitchens: White & Baby Blue Kitchen Remodel
Dream Kitchens: White & Baby Blue Kitchen Remodel

Modern Kitchen Designs: Grey Shaker Kitchen

 Grey Shaker Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Designs: Grey Shaker Kitchen 

Our new Grey Shaker Kitchen offers the best from our Award Winning Designers at Dream Kitchens! Each aspect of this kitchen is phenomenal yet functional in its design. The ambience is calm, modern and serves to enhance every aspect of of the homeowners life. This kitchen embraces the simplicity of modern kitchen designs while having traditional materials like brick which support the stainless steel oven and microwave. 

The standout feature here is the newly installed kitchen island. Our designers crafted this island to fit the unique shape of the kitchen. The front end extends outward slightly to accommodate up to 3 people.  As with all of our Dream Kitchen islands, the additional prep and storage space offers an excellent solution to store all those large pots and pans discreetly.  The island is placed directly in front of the stove and oven. Imagine cooking a large meal and having ALL your ingredients lined up on the island, increasing the comfort and ease of cooking! A light blue stool gently contrasts the cool grey monotone palette. 

Every Dream Kitchen guarantees to add more storage and prep space! The floor-to-ceiling cabinets offer another incredible way to fulfil our promise. Pull out drawers offer a convenient way to organize plates and dishes while the cabinets store spices, snacks and other pantry items. Two over head cabinets are noticeable at the end. One cabinet hangs just above the coffee maker, making it the perfect spot to store coffee, tea or snacks for the morning rush. The larger overhead cabinet is installed just next to the microwave and oven, allowing for baking supplies to be conveniently within reach.

The owner choose to install recessed lighting. This choice adds a distinctly modern touch and creates a calm ambience atmosphere. The sink offers a utilitarian approach to comfort and ease of use. The faucet is stainless steel, a popular choice among our clients. One classic Dream Kitchen’s touch separates the stove and oven. Look closely and see how this choice creates a unique space to store pots, pans, spices and any cooking equipment directly under the stove. 

We’re PROUD to have won OVER 200 awards! Call our Design Team at (603)891-2916 or visit our website at to get started today!

Dream Kitchens, Nashua NH, is like no other kitchen remodeling firm in New England.  The focus is on designing and creating living spaces that make sense, and we look at each project with a fresh eye, making the space work with all the adjacent rooms in your home.  We guarantee we will make your kitchen or bath look uniquely beautiful, incorporating your own personality along the way.  We make your space flow better within your home, creating 30% more storage and noticeably increasing the useable counter space.

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Country Kitchens

Country Kitchens: Rustic yet Modern!

Country kitchens mix modern with rustic touches! These spaces will make you feel like you’re in the countryside no matter where you are. The warm colors invite guests in, and the details will make them never want to leave.

Bring in elements of a rustic farm or cottage with this pleasing, warm style! Details are what makes these spaces. A farmhouse sink or a barn door is a unique addition that you can even pair with more modern finishes. Imagine an earthy red for the barn door accents to really bring home the country appeal! The muted and earthy natural elements serve as a great background to pops of color in any floral patterns or tile backsplashes. 

Take a look through this photo gallery of some of our country kitchen remodels! Contact us for more information or to start designing your dream kitchen. We’re located in Nashua, New Hampshire on 139 Daniel Webster Highway. Call, email or look for our pop-up appointment maker to get started on your Dream Kitchen today!

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Country kitchens are warm, welcoming and wonderful!
Country kitchens are warm, welcoming and wonderful!
This country kitchen has a rustic feel to it.
This country kitchen has a rustic feel to it.
Country kitchens  blend perfectly with modern elements.
Country styles blend perfectly with modern elements.
This kitchen has a fun, fairytale aspect to it!
This kitchen has a fun, cottage-like aspect to it!
A wide, open country kitchen with an island and medium brown tones.
A wide, open country kitchen with an island and medium brown tones.

Medium Kitchens By Dream Kitchens

Medium Size Kitchens 

Medium size kitchens are typically 100-200 square feet. They are the perfect size for everything you want; big enough to not feel cramped, and small enough to still feel cozy. 

Many of our designs transformed the kitchen into a place for family and friends to gather. Medium sized kitchens give space for a large island to dominate while maximizing your storage space with hidden cabinets and drawers. The walls are lined with floor to ceiling pantry cabinets, so you’ll never be out of space. Natural lighting allows these kitchens remain bright and airy, while our strategically placed recessed lighting highlights the beautiful cabinetry. 

Our first medium kitchen in the gallery proves that space is no issue! This kitchen feels anything BUT medium. Peninsula that seats 4, a chalkboard and glass cabinets transform this kitchen!

Take a look through this photo gallery of some of our best medium sized kitchen remodels! Contact us for more information or to start designing your dream kitchen. Find us on Facebook and Instagram!

This kitchen feels anything BUT medium. Peninsula that seats 4, a chalkboard and glass cabinets transform this kitchen!
This kitchen feels anything BUT medium. Peninsula that seats 4, a chalkboard and glass cabinets transform this kitchen!
Cozy and inviting! Isn't this kitchen lovely?
Cozy and inviting! Isn’t this kitchen lovely?
This medium kitchen feels rather large! A beautiful countertop accents the island that features curved seating, a sink and a microwave.
This medium kitchen feels rather large! A beautiful countertop accents the island that features curved seating, a sink and a microwave.
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