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Contemporary Kitchens

The Design Behind Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens change with the times and trends. However, their modern feel is what attracts so many buyers. These kitchens are the epitome of fashion meeting functionality by maximizing storage and counterspace while still keeping the sleek look.

You can really let your artistic side shine through a contemporary kitchen. Full overlay cabinetry with simple hardware is very popular to create seamless lines on your kitchen walls. This acts almost as a blank canvas for you to experiment with statement pieces like using natural stone or wood or even a unique backsplash with mosaic tiles. Pops of color like a deep blue or ruby red can elevate any contemporary kitchen. 

Take a look through this photo gallery of some of our contemporary kitchen remodels! Contact us for more information or to start designing your dream kitchen.

Black cabinets meet this artistic grey countertop with brown accents.
Grey is anything but boring. This calm, soothing palette combines grey cabinets and white countertops.
This brown color pallette creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.
Contemporary Kitchens are a canvas for any color combination.
Warm yet elegant. Brown and white meet harmoniously in this contemporary kitchen.

Large White and Brown Kitchen Remodel – Carlisle, MA

 New two-toned kitchen in Carlisle, MA
 New two-toned kitchen in Carlisle, MA

The White and Brown Large Kitchen Features…

  • Mixture of dark brown and bright white cabinets
  • Glass panels above white cabinets to feature décor
  • Built-in stainless-steel appliances
  • White farmhouse sink with large window above
  • Large island in middle of the space with extra storage and microwave conveniently tucked away
  • Steel hood to match appliances
  • White subway style backsplash fills majority of wall
  • Beautiful mosaic tiles with hues of blue covers wall from the stove to the ceiling

A Brown and White modern take on a classic two-tone large kitchen!

The Large White and Brown Kitchen is a wonderful combination of warmth and style! White cabinets along the top of the kitchen bring the eyes to the heart of the space. Above them are glass panels leaving the option to customize the kitchen even further with decorative glassware as seen in the photos. 

White subway style backsplash line the back walls of the kitchen to brighten up the space further. Recessed lighting gives more light to the countertops. A stunning mosaic of shades of blue and white tiles extend from the stove to the ceiling and compliment the white surrounding it. 

The Island

The Kitchen Island seats over 5 people comfortably. Smooth white granite tops the island while providing spacious storage space underneath. The island hides a microwave just under the countertop! This island is the perfect spot for a quick bite or a hot cup of a coffee.

Other Features…

Natural lights flows through the large window above the sink. Recessed lights line the ceiling. A gorgeous farmers sinks creates a spacious area to prep food and wash dishes. A grey stainless steel faucet accents the white granite.

Functionality meets fashion with an island big enough for the whole family!

Warm Wood Kitchen – Concord, MA

The Warm Wood Kitchen Features…

  • Warm wood remodel in Concord, MA
  • Plenty of storage including nearly floor to ceiling pantry cabinets
  • Large wall full of shaker cabinets 
  • Shelves weaved next to cabinets to showcase decorations
  • White granite counter peninsula provides additional seating
  • Recessed lighting along backsplash highlight subtle white and grey accent colors
  • Chandelier accents the cherry color and connects the entire kitchen

The Warm Wood Kitchen Design

Walk into this Warm Wood Kitchen and get greeted by a rush of warmth in this cozy kitchen. To the left sits a large panel of cabinetry, perfect to store all of your groceries. From there, the whole wall is filled with cabinets and drawers that are strategically placed to maximize space. Pockets of open countertop are next to the built-in stainless-steel appliances. The cabinetry stops right before the ceiling so the homeowner can display their décor on top to make the space their own.

The Peninsula

Large counterspace offers lots of room for prepping and extends out into a curved peninsula for additional seating. The white granite countertops match the white speckled backsplash seen throughout the kitchen. The peninsula island with a corner sink is perfect for a quick breakfast for four. The gorgeous warm wood cabinetry is placed at the perfect height on the right side of the kitchen, with the microwave fitting in the empty space. Shelves line one of the cabinets for even more space to show off your decorative cookware!

The Appliances

Stainless steel appliances fit right into the space, not sticking out at all. The warm tones of the cabinets and white and grey hues of the granite counter are highlighted with recessed lighting. A gorgeous chandelier hangs over the peninsula to brighten up the space even more. 

The Gallery

This space was transformed into a bright space that you’ll want to show off to all of your friends and family. Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen.

The peninsula seats 3 people comfortably and comes with a sink installed.
The peninsula seats 3 people comfortably and comes with a sink installed.
Warm wood cabinets create a relaxing atmosphere. Recessed lighting accents this kitchen by creating the perfect mood.
Warm wood cabinets create a relaxing atmosphere. Recessed lighting accents this kitchen by creating the perfect mood.
Additional storage space and countertop space meet to make the perfect kitchen!
Additional storage space and countertop space meet to make the perfect kitchen!

Small White Kitchen with Textured Accents – Carlisle, MA

This Small White Kitchen Remodel Features…

  • Stained white cabinetry
  • Unique white backsplash that appears textured to add dimension to the space
  • Black granite countertops
  • Lots of storage space
  • Skylight and large patio door bring in natural light
  • Recessed lighting to add extra brightness
  • Pops of color and fun in hardware to show off personal style!
  • Kitchen sink with faucet off to side to maximize space
  • Magnetic knife strip on the wall 

Unique White Kitchen Cabinetry

This small white kitchen is anything but normal. Textured white pieces fit perfectly as the unique driftwood like cabinets add a serene beach feel. They line the top and bottom of the kitchen to give you more than enough storage space for all of your kitchen accessories. The homeowner decided to use a pop of color in the patterned knobs.

The Colors

All of the colors in this kitchen complement each other perfectly. The white cabinets flow into the backsplash takes over the side of the wall next to the stove. With a white and grey palette, these tiles add another dimension with their texture. To pull this space together, we added a black granite countertop that shines next to the backsplash.

Improved Space

Small spaces can seem large with our designs. The sink faucet is placed on the corner of the sink to maximize your countertop space. We also strategically placed a magnetic knife strip on the wall next to the stove for quick, easy access. Now, you have plenty of open countertop space to chop your vegetables, use as a serving station, or showcase your favorite cookbook!

The Lighting

There is an abundance of natural light in this kitchen from the large patio door to the skylight in the center. Recessed lighting along the backsplash brightens up the space further and really highlights the cool textures. Let us take your kitchen to the next level! Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen.

The Gallery

A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Colorful knobs makes a playful splash!
A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Colorful knobs makes a playful splash!
A kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator
Stainless stove and a refrigerator

Small White Kitchen Remodel – Groton, MA

 A new white kitchen remodel with green accents

The Dream Kitchen Features

  • Bright white shaker cabinetry placed throughout the kitchen
  • Speckled granite countertops
  • Large white subway tile backsplash
  • Patterned light green backsplash behind stove and bar for a pop of color
  • New black stainless-steel appliances
  • Farmhouse sink
  • Large window over sink to bring in natural light
  • Recessed lighting to brighten up space
  • Bar with frosted glass panels and extra storage space

Add a pop of color to your all-white kitchen!

The classic all-white small kitchen is one of the most popular design choices. Too monochrome for you? Let a pop of color take your kitchen to the next level! Touch of light green in the backsplash adds a playful accent!

The White Cabinets

White shaker cabinets fill this space and strategically installed at the right height. Exposed shelves on the side of some cabinets add an interesting element and allow you to showcase any and all décor you want!

The Backsplash

White subway tiles line the back wall as a backsplash and are highlighted through recessed lighting. Behind the stove and the bar station, a decorative light green and gold backsplash serves as a statement piece. This pop of color flows into the speckled countertop which allows the white cabinets to pop, as well. There is more than enough countertop space for all of your needs, whether it be to prepare an elegant dinner or place your plants on. 

The Appliances

A large farmhouse sink adds a rustic touch to this white modern kitchen. Imagine washing the dishes in that sink, looking out through the window; what a view! Black stainless-steel appliances are tucked in to maximize the space. The bar station contains even more white cabinetry as well as beautiful frosted glass panels for storage

Contact Us Today!

Small kitchens can feel even larger with the right design! This space was transformed through white cabinets, a pop of green, and interesting elements. Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen.

The Gallery

Small White Kitchen Remodel – Boxborough, MA

This small white kitchen feels so spacious!
  • Small area made to look bigger with bright white cabinets
  • New stainless-steel appliances
  • White subway tile backsplash
  • White granite countertops 
  • Large breakfast bar in kitchen wall to open up the apace
  • Two pendant lights over sink
  • Double bowl sink
  • Ornate bar station with large wine rack, sink, and glass paneled cabinetry

Transform your small kitchen with our designs!

This Small White Kitchen appears larger thanks to our design for an all-white space. White shaker cabinets complement a white subway tile backsplash. These white granite countertops are the perfect accent for white cabinets. A full height backsplash creates a dreamy feel. The cabinets are strategically placed at the perfect height. 

The Design

A breakfast bar window is built into the kitchen wall which opens the space. Now, you’ll never be excluded from the conversation while cooking! A double bowl sink sits right underneath with two pendant lights hanging above. Brand-new stainless-steel appliances modernise the new remodel!

The Features

The ornate bar serves as the statement piece of this kitchen. A large wine rack sits in the middle with an open shelf underneath to display any décor. Two glass panelled cabinets next to the rack display glassware. Recessed lighting showcases the gorgeous white granite countertop with a small built-in sink. The bottom half of the bar is all cabinets and drawers of varying sizes for extra storage. 

Maximize the space in your small kitchen! These countertops are perfect to display other kitchen appliances, flowers, or your bowl of fruit. With the large opening in the wall above the sink, this kitchen feels so spacious! Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen. Find us on social media! We’re on Facebook and Instagram.

The Gallery

Rustic Modern Kitchen Remodel – Acton, MA

Rustic meets modern in this Country Dream Kitchen.

 A Warm Rustic Yet Modern Kitchen Space With Many Statement Pieces

  • Natural birch cabinetry 
  • Tan granite countertops
  • Large island that extends out into seating for four
  • Pendant lighting hanging over island
  • Warm tones in cabinets and lighting compliments mosaic stone wall
  • Tile backsplash behind stainless-steel hood 
  • Brand new stainless-steel kitchen appliances that fit into space
  • Gorgeous bar with matching birch cabinets and stunning mosaic backsplash
  • Wine cubbies, glass rack, and glass panels to show off decorative barware
  • Glass door beverage cooler to finish the space

The Rustic Modern Kitchen

Rustic meets modern in the design elements of the space. A sturdy birch is used for the cabinetry. A sandy granite countertop compliments the cabinets, while a tan and grey tile backsplash draws your attention to the stove, fitted with a stainless-steel hood. The neutral color palette allows the kitchen to flow from the window to the stone accent wall. This Rustic Modern Kitchen has even more features like…

The Island

A long island sits in the center of the kitchen. Double your storage with additional cabinets at the bottom! A fitted stainless-steel dishwasher fits perfectly in this island. A seating area extends past the sink which doubles as more prep space.

The Lighting

Natural sunlight fills the kitchen through several large windows. Lots of recessed lighting are placed around the outer parts of the kitchen, making the space bright and inviting. Pendant lights hang directly over the island, with a cluster of three directly over the main seating area. 

The Extras

The focal point of this kitchen is the baroque bar. Birch cabinetry and granite countertops continues to brighten up the area. A large section of wine cubbies is sandwiched between two cabinets with glass panels. Display all of your decorative glasses here! The mosaic tile backsplash ties the entire space together with a similar warm color palette. 


This birch kitchen remodel is ultimate entertaining space. Cook for your guests with all of the counterspace, make a drink at the stunning bar, and enjoy their company at the island! Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

The Gallery

Dark Wood Kitchen – Lexington, MA

A kitchen with a wood floor

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New Kitchen Remodel with dark stained wood cabinets

  • Dark brown wood shaker cabinets
  • Island with lots of storage on one side and a curved edge for seating on the other
  • White subway style backsplash brightens up space
  • Sink placed in front of large window
  • Natural light flows into space 
  • Many outlets along back wall 
  • Floor to ceiling pantry cabinets
  • Tucked away stainless-steel appliances

Increase your storage space with floor to ceiling cabinets!

Dark stained wood cabinetry fills the space in this traditional kitchen. You’ll never be without storage space! Recessed lighting surrounds the perimeter of the space and highlights the kitchen cabinets. Dark wood cabinets are placed at different heights and extend all the way up to the ceiling. One wall is customized with floor to ceiling cabinetry to act as a pantry and store all your goods.

Natural light flows through a large window above the sink and through a patio door. White subway style backsplash beautifully contrasts the dark wood cabinetry. Numerous outlets align the back walls for you to use your cooking appliances. The grey/sandy granite countertop compliment the color palette including the stainless-steel appliances.

The Island

An island sits in the middle of the kitchen with a curved edge for guest seating. This provides more than enough space for any meal prep or to act as a serving station for a party. The other side of the cabinet offers even more cabinets are drawers to store your cookware. A small fan sits above the island to offer circulation.

A kitchen with a hard wood floor

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A kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

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A kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

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A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets

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Grey Shaker Kitchen Remodel – Chelmsford, MA

  • Grey Driftwood Cabinets and Drawers
  • Improved Storage
  • Black Granite Countertop
  • Black Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Peninsula with seating for two
  • Corner Sink with stainless steel faucet
  • Beautiful white, grey and black mosaic backsplash

A Stunning Grey Large Kitchen Remodel with Improved Storage

Ash Grey Shaker cabinetry give this large kitchen a softer touch while adding storage space. Drawers line the bottom half of the kitchen as cabinets fill the walls to the ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling cabinet and drawers next to the fridge are tiered to offer additional countertop space. Drawers to the left maximize storage space while providing a countertop to place decorative items like flowers.

Every Dream Kitchen peninsula is multi-functional, built with the homeowner’s needs in mind. This beautiful jet black granite contrasts the light grey cabinets. With the house dimensions in mind, we built a cozy peninsula that has the perfect seating for two. It’s the ideal space for a quick bite, a coffee or space to work! Underneath the countertop sits drawers custom made for the peninsula’s dimensions. We installed a corner sink which allows the homeowner to converse with guests while prepping or cleaning.

The Backsplash

The kitchen’s centerpiece is the bold mosiac backsplash. Alternating black, white, and grey tiles create an innovative yet modern atmosphere. Covering the entire backwall, this mosiac complements the black appliances yet provides a sleek counterpoint to the kitchen’s color palette.

There’s nothing better than pure sunlight. Natural light flows into the kitchen from two windows, allowing the viewer to peek into the backyard while prepping for dinner. Recessed ceiling lights softly brighten the room, creating a comfortable, cozy atmosphere for any occasion.

Make a statement with your kitchen! Customize your cabinets, backsplash, or countertop to fit your style and needs. A kitchen is a place you should love to be in. Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your Dream Kitchen!

This bold black and white mosaic contasts the sleek grey cabinets yet complements the kitchen’s color palette. Cabinets and drawers on either side of the stove provide endless combinations of storage for spices, utensils etc.
Multi-tiered drawers increase storage space and counter top sace.
Multi-tiered drawers on the left offer additional countertop space while providing floor-to-ceiling storage. Another great idea by Dream Kitchens!
Kitchen peninsula combins function and design. Storage for pots, pands and equipment underneath while providing seating for two.
A cozy kitchen peninsula offers the perfect space for food prep, a quick bite to eat or work space. Design and function blend perfectly as the peninsula seats two, provides extra storage for pots, pans or kitchen equipment and matches the surrounding cabinets.
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