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Blue and Gray Kitchen Remodel, Tyngsborough MA

Thursday, 1 Mar, 2018, 4:58 PM

Kitchen Remodel, Tyngsborough MA

Blue and Gray Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodel with Blue and Gray Cabinets, Tyngsborough MA

Blue and Gray Kitchen Remodel,Tyngsborough MA

  • Blue and Gray Kitchen Remodel, Tyngsborough MA
  • Large island with wrap around eating area and custom cabinets built into the wall.
  • Lots of storage space in island to store anything the owner could desire.
  • Built in bar on one side of the island and additional cabinetry for storage space on the other side of the island.
  • Built in wine racks along the bar area and open cabinets to showcase the homeowners decorations.
  • Built in appliance garage to hide clutter and keep your appliances easily accessible.
  • Office nook is incorporated into the kitchen remodel to match the rest of the cabinets and make the first floor of the home unified and functional.
  • Glass show case cabinet with built in lights for the homeowner’s glassware and decorative pieces.
  • Dual waste tucked away in the blue and gray cabinets to keep the smell down and open up the floor plan in the kitchen remodel.
  • Plenty of drawers and cabinets for storage space at hands reach in the new kitchen remodel in Tyngsborough MA.
  • Gorgeous backslash behind the range and bar that matches the rest of the blue and gray kitchen.
  • Hard wood flooring throughout and Granite counter tops for an easy clean up.
  • Matching pendant lighting to lighten up the eating area.
  • Additional lighting along backslash and reseeds lighting to light up the kitchen when you’r preparing dinner for family and friends.

In Summary- 
In this stunning transitional Blue and Gray Kitchen Remodel design, Tyngsborough MA the blue and gray motif weaves throughout the layout. In the center of the room the designer incorporate a load barring wall into the design. Instead of taking down the wall it acts as the focal point and divider in between the formal dinner room and the kitchen area. Thus the homeowner has a separate space to be messy when prepping their food and an area for guest to sit and enjoy a drink at the bar/formal dining area without seeing all the kitchen mess. Lining the walls are plenty of cabinets to store all of your home goods and tableware. The base drawers additionally equip the kitchen remodel with a great deal of storage space that is easily accessible to the homeowners. There are hidden outlets under the cabinets so you can charge your phone, computer or keep your appliances plugged in. The appliances are tucked away out of sight in an appliance garage. Towards the end of the transitional style kitchen remodel there’s a designated office nook for the family to organize their paperwork or for the kids to sit and do their homework at. Walking out to the formal dining room area accent lighting flows from the main kitchen area to over the dining room table. The lighting is on dimmers to allow for the right adjustment for whatever task you’re doing from prepping for the party to providing the perfect ambiance for the party.

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