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Choosing Kitchen Designs For More Storage Space: Andover, Ma

Smart kitchen designs will add more space to your home!

Kitchen Designs To Inspire You

When it comes to kitchen designs, how can you choose the one that’s right for you?

The secret to building your dream kitchen is a kitchen design that reflects your wants and lifestyle!

Remodeling a kitchen (even a small kitchen space) can seem like a daunting task! However, with our expert designers at Dream Kitchens, you can transform your next remodel into a real dream kitchen.

Keep reading to discover some of our smartest tips and tricks to maximize space!

Kitchen Designs: Choosing The Right Color Palettes

Choosing the right color palette is an important aspect of remodeling, no matter the size. So if you want your next kitchen to feel bigger, then our designers will help you find the right color choice.

Which Colors Should I Choose For My Kitchen Design?

We’ll let you in on a little secret…kitchen designs and color choices go hand-in-hand!

But with so many options (hues, shades etc…) how can you select the right colors for you?

Lighter colors help make your kitchen feel spacious and brighter. Since old kitchens can a space feel a bit tight and dark, lighter colors can really make a difference!

Here’s a short list of some popular color choices for past clients:

  • White and Gray: This timeless combination is both elegant and sophisticated.
  • White and Navy Blue: This nautical-inspired palette is perfect for a beach house or a kitchen with lots of natural light.
  • White and Green: Olive, sage, forest, matcha…the green color list goes on! We love how this color pallette makes any space feel lively.
  • White and White: Not just any white will do! Make your kitchen feel heaven-sent with white variations like eggshell, cream, and ivory.

Choosing shades and hues might seem like a headache but our designers will work closely with you to understand your style and preferences.

Kitchen Designs: How To Choose Countertops and Cabinets

Space is at a premium in any kitchen.

When choosing countertops and cabinets for your small kitchen, it is important to choose materials that maximize space for storage and preparation. Smooth, light-colored countertops will reflect light and make the kitchen feel more open.

For cabinets, consider using Shaker-style doors or flat-panel doors with long horizontal lines. These types of doors will help to create a sense of flow, which will make your kitchen feel larger.

How Custom Kitchen Cabinets Increase Storage Space

So how can you increase storage space in your new kitchen? There are a number of different things you can do to increase storage space in your kitchen, such as:

  • Install floor-to-ceiling cabinets: This will make the most of your vertical space.
  • Use pull-out shelves and drawers: This will make it easier to access items that are stored at the back of your cabinets.
  • Adding a peninsula: Every kitchen is unique, so it might be possible to add exciting features like a peninsula. Contact our designers so we can better understand your unique remodel needs.

Our designers at Dream Kitchens have over 30 years of experience of creating more storage space, even in the tightest of corners!

Don’t Get Discouraged From Remodeling

An old kitchen is no barrier to having a beautiful and functional space! We have the experience to create an area that you’ll love to spend time in. In fact, a dream kitchen makeover can be a great opportunity to get creative and use your space in a unique way.

Here are a few tips for kitchen designs and home remodels:

  • Start by defining your needs and wants. What are the most important things to you in a kitchen? Do you need a lot of storage space? Do you want a place to eat? Once you know your needs, you can start to narrow down your options.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are a number of ways we can make an outdated kitchen feel larger and more spacious. Use light colors or add in some unexpected elements.

Contact Us For Your Free Design Consultation

When you choose Dream Kitchens, you’ll collaborate with award winning designers who will prioritise your wants and needs for your remodel. We’ll increase your storage and prep space by 30% and help you navigate the renovation process.

Start your dream kitchen with your free consultation when you contact us now!

Dream Kitchen Picture Gallery

Kitchen designs for white kitchen remodel. New cabinets and countertops completely transform this home.
Out of the three kitchen designs for this home, the owners choose a kitchen peninsula that now adds so much storage and prep space.
White kitchens are among the most popular kitchen designs nowadays. White cabinets can really brighten up the home!
Good kitchen designs will add more storage space! We created a brand new pantry out of a bare wall.

Discover more ideas for your small kitchen.

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How To Remodel A Uniquely Shaped Kitchen, Nashua NH

A uniquely shaped kitchen layout shouldn’t discourage you from remodelling!

Mostly importantly, a cookie cutter design is not your renovation answer! With a few creative (and custom) solutions, your uniquely shaped kitchen can be stylishly redesigned and updated! With the help of strategic cabinetry and custom countertops, you can turn your off-kilter layout into an extraordinary remodel. Here we’ll show you how we revamped and transformed this most oddly-shaped kitchen. 

So don’t get frustrated—get inspired! Turn that one-of-a-kind home remodel into something truly remarkable.

The Challenges Of Remodelling A Uniquely Shaped Kitchen 

When we think of a normal kitchen, we usually think of a rectangular floor plan where the walls form a normal rectangular shape. With this kitchen, there are so many angles which proved to be an exciting challenge for our Dream Kitchen Designers. 

Here’s what we saw:

  • Odd angles for walls 
  • Countertops and cabinets would need to be custom fitted 
  • A T-shaped wall that semi-separates the kitchen from the dining area

How We Customized Countertops To Fit Odd Angles

Space is so important to any kitchen project!

Since this kitchen is also a small remodel, we knew that maximising the workflow and movement was a must! So we created angled countertops for the opposite side of the kitchen. Instead of a complete right angle for a countertop, we removed the countertop tip to open up more floor area. This creates more walkable space and helps the family avoid bumping into a hard countertop. 

Though we usually add a kitchen peninsula or island to a brand new kitchen renovation, this kitchen remodel didn’t have enough space for either. Instead we saw a T-shaped wall that partially separated the kitchen from the eating area.

So how did our designers approach this unique design layout?

It’s all in the custom countertop fit!

Using this T-shaped angle, we created a U-shaped countertop that fit the wall perfectly like a puzzle piece. This uniquely shaped countertop now functions as an eating or studying area on one side and hosts a sink on the other!

Plus we love how these stunning black countertops ground the space against these dreamy white cabinets. 

Choosing New Cabinets and Shelves 

Every kitchen remodel needs new cabinets, so we combined two types of cabinets for this remodel!

  • Shaker Cabinets 
  • Open Shelves

Why use open shelves? 

We love open shelves since these shelves show off your favorite items and make it so easy to reach and design. Pairing shelves with cabinets, open shelves open up whole new possibilities for home decor. 

We love how the homeowners add a few seasonal decorations to these shelves! 

Contact Us Now For Your Free Consultation

We absolutely loved the challenges that this uniquely shaped kitchen had. By creating custom countertops and cabinets, we took full advantage of maximizing storage and prep space in such a small yet uniquely shaped kitchen!

If you have uniquely shaped kitchen layout, don’t be discouraged! Our Dream Kitchen designers will help you turn any space into a stunning kitchen makeover. Benefit from our fully customized remodel solutions right here in Nashua, New Hampshire. We promise to add at least 30% more storage and prep space with every design option!

Contact us now for your free consultation or call 603-891-2916 to speak directly to our designers!

View This Dream Kitchen Makeover

This uniquely shaped kitchen features dreamy white cabinets and black countertops.
This uniquely shaped kitchen features both shaker cabinets and open shelves.
This uniquely shaped kitchen has a custom countertop that wraps around this T-shaped wall.

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Large White Kitchen with Island, Wet Bar, and Pantry in Lexington Ma

Dreaming of a brand new white kitchen?

Look no further than this inspiring remodel! This once-dated kitchen has been transformed into a bright, airy, and modern space with brand new white cabinets, a new kitchen island, and granite countertops. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, this blog post is for you! Discover more details about this remodel, as well as tips and inspiration for your own kitchen project.

The Benefits of an All White Kitchen

You’ll love the look and feel of a white kitchen design! These dreamy white cabinets truly brighten up the space while being so versatile with color combinations. Colors like navy blue and forest green work so well with white cabinets but the homeowners opted to choose a white-on-white combination. This space has never looked more heavenly!

  • Bright and airy: A white kitchen is bright and airy, making it feel spacious and inviting.
  • Versatile: White kitchens can be adapted to any style, from traditional to modern.
  • Easy to clean: White cabinets and countertops are easy to clean, keeping your kitchen looking its best.
  • Timeless: A white kitchen is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Don’t you love this marble backsplash?

The sand colored backsplash adds just the right touch of color to this dreamy remodel!

Benefits of a New Kitchen Island

With so much space available in this Lexington remodel, we decided build a large kitchen island. Kitchen islands are multifunctional areas that can bring so much joy to a home. Not only is there seating for 4-5 people but the extra storage space keeps these beautiful countertops clutter free!

Here’s a quick list of all the benefits that come with a kitchen island.

  • More counter space: A kitchen island provides much-needed additional counter space for food preparation, baking, and serving.
  • More storage: Kitchen islands often have cabinets and drawers, providing ample storage space for pots, pans, dishes, and other kitchen essentials.
  • Seating: Kitchen islands can be equipped with bar seating, providing a casual place to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or to entertain guests.
  • Improved traffic flow: A kitchen island can help to create a more efficient workspace in your kitchen by separating the cooking and cleaning areas.
  • Focal point: A kitchen island can be a beautiful focal point in your kitchen, adding style and sophistication.

If you have a medium or large space, consider adding an island to make your dream kitchen complete!

Adding a Wet Bar To Your Dream Kitchen

Turn that empty space in your home remodel into a fun yet functional wet bar or buffet bar! Imagine keeping your wines and liquors in a convenient place, making an after dinner drink a breeze. Plus you can keep all your glassware neatly stored next to your favorite drinks. Adding a wet bar has so many benefits like…

  • Entertaining made easy: A wet bar makes it easy to entertain guests, providing a place to serve drinks and snacks.
  • Additional storage: Wet bars often have cabinets and drawers, providing additional storage space for glasses, bottles, and other barware.
  • Focal point: A wet bar can be a beautiful focal point in your kitchen, adding style and sophistication.

Schedule Your Free Home Remodel Consultation Now

In conclusion, this white kitchen remodel has so much to offer! It’s so bright and airy, making it feel spacious and inviting. A white color scheme is a versatile choice that adapts to any style, from traditional to modern. The easy-to-clean cabinets and countertops will also help keep your kitchen looking its best. Plus, the marble backsplash adds just the right touch of color to make this dreamy remodel even more beautiful. If you’re looking for an elegant update for your kitchen that keeps things fresh then you’ll definitely want a white kitchen like this one in Lexington MA.

To get started on taking your home renovation dreams into reality, schedule your free consultation today!

Call 603-891-2916 or click the button below to schedule now.

Large White Kitchen with Island Photo Gallery

Large White Kitchen with Island, Wet Bar, and Pantry in Lexington Ma
Large White Kitchen with Island, Wet Bar, and Pantry in Lexington Ma
Large White Kitchen with Island, Wet Bar, and Pantry in Lexington Ma

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Large Kitchen Design with White Cabinets, Hollis NH

Are you ready to make your large kitchen design feel so exciting and unique?

Achieving the perfect balance between function and aesthetic beauty is tricky when designing for big kitchens, but with this exciting large kitchen design, you’ll have plenty of creative ideas to make your dream into reality! From jaw-dropping cabinets to eye-catching appliances, this blog post is packed with great tips on how to bring style and functionality into your space. So read on and get inspired by one of our best large kitchen designs that will speak directly to homeowners looking for something unique yet practical!

How can I remodel my large kitchen design?

A large kitchen design is an exciting opportunity to transform your home!

Here’s what you can add to a large kitchen:

  • Heavenly yet spacious white cabinets
  • A large island
  • A wet bar
  • Brand new pantries and more

These features will transform your ordinary kitchen into an exciting new dream kitchen customized just for you. Large kitchen designs also create more space for collaboration and family bonding. Imagine hosting a dinner party in a beautifully designed, spacious kitchen with plenty of room for guests to mingle. Investing in a large kitchen remodel transforms your home, your quality of life and offers long-lasting benefits for you and your family!

What can I add to my large kitchen island?

If you’re considering large kitchen designs for your home, don’t overlook the importance of a well-designed kitchen island. Here’s what this large kitchen island offers:

  • Extra countertop space for meal prep and serving.
  • Accessible features to lift heavy mixers with ease
  • Seating for up to 5 people
  • Popup outlets for electronics

Not only does it provide additional countertop space for meal prep and serving, but this dream kitchen island takes it to the next level by keeping small appliances off the countertop and providing easy access to heavy mixers with a simple lift drawer. With seating for up to 5 people, it also doubles as a central gathering place for family and friends. With so many practical features and sleek design, it’s easy to fall in love with this exciting kitchen addition.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

A large kitchen design is an exciting opportunity to turn your home into a beautiful and functional space, perfect for family bonding or hosting dinner parties. By investing in a large kitchen remodel, you’ll enjoy long-lasting benefits that can improve your life in many ways. If you’re considering this type of renovation project, make sure you don’t overlook the importance of a well-designed kitchen island – it provides extra counter space and seating for up to 5 people, lift heavy mixers with ease, and still looks amazing! Make the most out of your large kitchen design by creating a custom dream kitchen customized just for you.

Transform your remodel into an extraordinary home – schedule your free consultation now!

Large Kitchen Design with White Cabinets

Large Kitchen Design with White Cabinets
Large Kitchen Design with White Cabinets
Large Kitchen Design with White Cabinets

Click here to see our our most popular large kitchen designs.

Designing a Narrow White Kitchen, Lowell Massachusetts

Designing a narrow white kitchen in your home might seem like a challenge but we see this as a unique opportunity for a dream kitchen makeover!  

Whether it’s installing open shelves, choosing a bold backsplash or embracing white tile, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of unique spaces. In this blog post we turned this confined kitchen into an Instagram-worthy home renovation. We hope to inspire your ideas on how to decorate and spruce up even the tightest corners. Read on for our top tips and tricks for designing a narrow white kitchen – transforming ordinary into extraordinary!

How to Choose Cabinets for a Narrow White Kitchen

In this exciting home remodel, cabinets reign supreme!

With so many different cabinet options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to decide which type is best for your needs. However, we highly recommend mixing and matching open shelves and customized cabinets in your white kitchen. Not only do open shelves provide a visually appealing way to showcase your prized possessions, but customized cabinets also offer ample storage space to keep everything organized and out of sight. Plus, who doesn’t love the added bonus of having a clutter-free kitchen?

So don’t hesitate, choose both open shelves and customized cabinets in your white kitchen and watch as your space transforms into a beautifully functional oasis.

What else can I add to my narrow white kitchen?

Add extra wow factor by incorporating a wet bar into your plans!

A wet bar brings sophistication to your space and offers so many benefits. Here’s what a wet bar adds to your home:

  • Designate an area to store and display glassware and drinks
  • Entertain guests without leaving the room
  • Extra storage and prep space for parties and events

Adding a wet bar can also help to create a more “grown-up” vibe in your home, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying a nightcap after a long day. If you’re designing a narrow white kitchen, why not consider adding this feature to your home remodel?

It’s the perfect way to elevate your space and create a more enjoyable living experience.

Why add a kitchen peninsula to your home remodel?

If you’re considering a home remodel, a kitchen peninsula is definitely worth considering.

Despite the challenges of designing a narrow white kitchen, a peninsula still adds extra counter space and storage. We love this feature because it creates a clear division between a cooking area and a dining or seating area, making it easier to entertain guests or enjoy family meals. Plus, if you’re going for a white kitchen look, a peninsula can serve as a stunning focal point and anchor the space. It’s a versatile addition that offers many benefits for both functionality and aesthetics.

So why not consider incorporating one into your kitchen remodel?

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

Are you ready to give your next remodel that WOW factor?

Our newest kitchen renovation project is a great example of how you can take a tight, dark space and turn it into something beautiful and timeless with fresh white cabinets, sleek appliances, and more. With all the new features, this kitchen renovation will be enjoyed for years to come.  Speaking of home improvement projects, now is the perfect time to plan out your next one. Whether you’re looking for something small or wanting to redo your whole living space, our designers at Dream Kitchens are available to help.

Contact us now for your free consultation so we can make your dream kitchen come true!

View Our Narrow White Kitchen Gallery

Designing a narrow white kitchen
Designing a Narrow White Kitchen
Designing a Narrow White Kitchen
Kitchen renovation ideas.

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How to Remodel Your White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops, Lowell Massachusetts

Are you looking to update your kitchen cabinets and countertops?

We love how these dreamy white cabinets add a modern, elegant feel to this home renovation! Not only do these new cabinets look amazing and suit almost any kitchen’s style, but they pair wonderfully with these new black countertops. A black and white palette works so well in any space, which is why remodeling your kitchen with white cabinets is the perfect way to remodel your home.

This medium home remodel is packed with features like

  • White Cabinets
  • Black Countertops
  • Grey Kitchen Island
  • Pantry
  • Workstation

In this blog post we’ll show you how easy it can be to renovate your beloved cooking space using these striking features!

Adding Brand New Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Hide away clutter and mess with our brand new custom cabinets! Our cabinet designs can be customised to display your favorite dishes and cookbooks on open shelves. We can even help you choose glass cabinets designs. Not only will our designs create a space that is functional and practical for your daily use, but a new makeover will add a touch of elegance to your home. Imagine cooking and entertaining in a gorgeous, heavenly white kitchen!

Our custom kitchen cabinets and countertops will add:

  • At least 30% more storage &prep space
  • Clear off clutter in your kitchen
  • Uniquely tailored designs to make the most from your home layout

If you’re ready to make a change, a white kitchen renovation is worth considering.

Adding A Kitchen Island

Upgrade your kitchen with this sleek and modern kitchen island!

When we see an empty space, we know this area can be changed to improve your daily routine. Not only does a new kitchen island create additional space for storage and meal prep, but it also provides the perfect spot for a quick snack or study session. Grey tones compliment any white kitchen. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or simply looking for a new addition, this kitchen island will make a statement.

Adding A New Kitchen Pantry

Renovations can be tricky, but this empty wall was just begging for a transformation.

With a fresh coat of white paint and a little creativity, we turned this area into a brand new pantry that adds functionality and style to our kitchen. No more cluttered countertops or overflowing cabinets – we now have a dedicated space for all our kitchen appliances, dry goods, and more. And the best part? The clean white aesthetic seamlessly matches with the rest of our white kitchen.

Dream Kitchen Tip: Trust us, if you need extra storage space then consider turning an empty wall into brand new pantry.

Dream Kitchen Ideas: Adding a Home Office

What are the benefits of adding home office to your home?

  • Enjoy a space that’s perfect for working or studying from home
  • Focus on your work in a bright and airy atmosphere
  • Enjoy the convenience working in your kitchen
  • Keep your documents and important papers organized

Working from home is more important now more than ever!

So we customized a space in this kitchen renovation just for work. With ample counter space and storage, your documents are now organized in a convenient area in your home. Whether you’re typing away on your laptop or diving into textbooks, this workstation is the perfect spot for you to get things done. So come on in, make yourself at home, and get to work!

Dream Kitchen Tip: Don’t just add brand new kitchen cabinets and countertops, fully optimize your home renovation to include a home office too!

Contact Us For Your Free Consultation

The white cabinets in this home remodel prove that even the smallest details can have an enormous impact on a room – transforming it from drab to fab! With a little creativity and inspiration, any size kitchen can become the dream kitchen of your dreams. Whether you live in a studio apartment or an expansive home, transform your outdated kitchen into something beautiful and fresh. If you’re ready to begin your next renovation adventure, contact us for your free consultation today!

Let’s bring your dream kitchen to life!

Photo Gallery White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

kitchen cabinets and countertops
kitchen cabinets and countertops
kitchen cabinets and countertops
kitchen cabinets and countertops

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How to Design Your Small White Kitchen: Smart Home Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces, New Hampshire  

Are you ready to make the most out of your small kitchen? 

Let’s remodel your kitchen so that it looks more spacious, modern and inviting! 

It’s hard enough designing a home but designing a small kitchen seems so daunting – especially if you don’t have a large budget or time to work with. But there is no need to worry, our award winning team at Dream Kitchens can transform any space, small or large, into a picture perfect kitchen.

In fact, this recent white kitchen remodel was fully customized to make the most out of this small space. Our biggest design secrets truly made this remodel into a dream kitchen, if you’re looking to remodel read on for renovation inspiration!

Adding Dreamy White Cabinets to Your Small Kitchen

Heavenly white cabinets are a must-have if you want to brighten up the room! They not only add a clean yet timeless look to your space, but we customize our cabinets to increase storage space in your kitchen by over 30%.

What are benefits of brand new cabinets?

  • Extra Storage Space
  • An Exciting New Look for Your Home
  • Cleaner Countertops
  • Customized Areas for Spices and More

One of our favourite remodel features is to customize a vertical cabinet that stores all your herbs and spices. With a simple touch, the shelf springs out so all your essential cooking ingredients within arm’s reach of the stove, making your workflow as effortless as possible!

Imagine having all your kitchen essentials neatly organized and tucked away in your beautiful new cabinets. Plus, extra storage space means clutter-free countertops so you’ll have plenty of space for cooking and meal prep.

So why not add stunning white cabinets to elevate your kitchen’s style and functionality?

Maximizing Space with a Kitchen Peninsula

No kitchen renovation is complete without the addition of extra storage space! A brand new peninsula improves this space by

  • Adding Storage Space
  • Adding Prep Space
  • Creating Extra Seating for 2-3 People

That’s why we added a new peninsula to this small kitchen!

This new feature not only adds prep space but also doubles as a place to sit and eat. With seating for 2, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a meal without the need for a formal dinner table. There’s so much natural lightening here so this space is the perfect spot to study, work, or read. A small remodel shouldn’t hold you back from having the remodel of your dreams.

Adding a peninsula increases your storage space and this renovations’ functionality!

Smart Features in This Dream Kitchen: Hidden Outlets and Lighting

Take a page out of this white kitchen design and add hidden electrical outlets with lighting to your new remodel.

These smart features not only add a sleek and modern touch to your space, but they also make cooking and cleaning a breeze. With perfect lighting in every area, you won’t have to worry about missing a spot when you’re cleaning up after dinner. And with the convenience of having your devices charged and ready to go, any spot on the countertop can be used for your appliances.

Trust us, once you have these features in your kitchen, you won’t know how you ever lived without them!

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now!

This small home renovation comes with BIG benefits!

Every space, however small, can become your dream kitchen with the right touch – and this renovation proves exactly that! From a new peninsula to beautiful white cabinets, a small kitchen remodel can can have the smart features that larger kitchens have. This white kitchen renovation was a stunning success and we hope it inspires your next home remodel.

So don’t forget: if you have an idea for a dreamy home remodel, contact us now for your free consultation!

How to Design Your Small White Kitchen: Smart Home Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces, New Hampshire  
How to Design Your Small White Kitchen: Smart Home Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces, New Hampshire  

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Dreamy White Kitchen Ideas: Two Toned Grey Cabinets, Andover NH

Do you love white kitchens but want to add a stunning pop of color to your next remodel?

This remodel is packed with dreamy white kitchen ideas!

Two toned white remodels with grey cabinets are just the ticket, creating a dreamy white kitchen that your friends and family will be talking about! White kitchens are so popular lately, with kitchens boasting beautiful shades of grey on the upper or lower cabinets — sometimes both.

Here at Dream Kitchens we transformed this large remodel into an ultra modern kitchen. With two toned grey cabinets, sleek stainless steel appliances and sparkling quartz countertops, this home renovation feels like a true kitchen makeover.

This latest kitchen is sure to inspire your next remodel!

White Kitchen: Brand New Cabinets and Countertops

The newly designed kitchen space is a dream come true!

White quartz counter tops perfectly match the wall cabinets, while the natural wood color of the base cabinets adds a grounding element to the space. The white tones used throughout help brighten up the entire area. With the previous kitchen being small and closed off, it’s incredible how spacious and easy to use the new space is. With dimmers installed throughout the kitchen, including the backsplash lighting, it’s easy to set the perfect mood. Even better, the dual waste has been tucked away, keeping any unwanted smells down and off the floor plan.

This kitchen is a true masterpiece – functional, beautiful, and welcoming!

White Kitchen Ideas: The Minibar

Remodelling small empty spaces is a brilliant yet underused kitchen idea!

In fact our latest remodel has so many innovative features, but we’re particularly proud of transforming this previously empty area near the fridge. This once empty space has been transformed into an elegant storage and prep space that simply oozes with style. Glass cabinets, a convenient mini-fridge, and extra countertop space created the perfect place to keep your drinks chilled and glasses ready. When you see an empty space in your home, it’s truly the perfect space to be transformed!

White Kitchen Ideas: The Mudroom

Can you believe this area by the entrance was empty?

Get ready to say goodbye to the mess and hello to an organized home with a new mudroom! Tucked away at the other end of the kitchen, this space provides the perfect spot for muddy boots and soggy jackets while still keeping your living spaces clean and clutter-free. Whether you’re coming in from a long hike or have kids who love to play in the rain, this mudroom has got you covered. It’s like having your own laundry and storage room right at your fingertips- a true game changer for any household! If you have an empty area by your front or back door, consider creating a mudroom for your home remodel.

Contact Us Now For Your Free Consultation

It’s so exciting to share this dream kitchen makeover with you!

The unique design of this large kitchen creates plenty of room and storage opportunities. Above all else, we hope this remodel inspires you to turn your own kitchen into a mini oasis. We love how these new features feel contemporary and inviting making it the perfect place to entertain, cook meals or even just relax with family. From the sleek island and pantry spaces to the mudroom and minibar, this modernized kitchen truly has it all.

We offer a free design consultation and would love to help bring your ideal kitchen vision to life. All that’s left is for you to take that first step – contact us for a free consultation today!

white kitchen ideas
white kitchen ideas
white kitchen ideas

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White Kitchen Makeover Ideas: Dreamy Cabinets w/ New Countertops in New Hampshire

Looking for exciting white kitchen makeover ideas? 

These beautiful black countertops and a dreamy white cabinets are sure to inspire your next renovation! With the help of our Dream Kitchen designers, the home owner created a contemporary and elegant look that brought so much life into this remodel! Discover how we added stylish touches while maintaining function and practicality – from cabinet choices and fixtures, to stylish appliances and accessories.

Keep reading as we explore this perfect white kitchen makeover with black countertops!

White Kitchen Makeover Ideas: The Island

This white kitchen makeover features an island that does more than just look beautiful. With this kitchen island, the homeowners get more than just a basic upgrade – it comes with smart features that make cooking, studying, and staying connected even easier. 

This exciting kitchen island comes with

  • Glasstop Stove
  • Flexible Faucet
  • Seating for 4
  • Electric Outlets
  • More Storage & Prep Space

Our team installed a stove on the island to face the living room. This allows you to be a part of the conversation while preparing meals! A faucet next to the stove offers convenience when cooking soups or pasta without having to lug a heavy pot around. Talk about convenience! Plus, there is enough seating for four people, making it the ideal spot for grabbing a quick bite or studying without having to leave the kitchen. And lastly, electrical outlets are hidden throughout the island, providing an out-of-sight place to charge devices.

Home renovations ideas don’t have to be complicated – with this kitchen island they can be both stylish and practical!

Kitchen Makeover Ideas: The Extra Storage Space

Homes often have bare walls but where some see just empty space, we see exciting potential.

We took an empty wall and transformed this space into a pantry with glass cabinets. There’s even extra countertop space that’s perfect for showing off heirlooms or even quick prep for desserts.

We even made another pantry right by the island! This custom space stores the microwave, a paper shredder, cookbooks and so much more. The homeowner is so thrilled with all the extra storage space in their home!

Contact Us Today

All in all, this kitchen renovation was a dream come true for the home owner!

By thinking outside the box, we created an exciting kitchen makeover that adds so much joy to this house. Stunning black accents, dreamy white cabinets, and plenty of additional storage space make this white kitchen so beautiful. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a remodel, then reach out to us!

Ready for a dream kitchen makeover?

Click Contact Us or call for your free consultation at 603-891-2916

White Kitchen Makeover Ideas
White Kitchen Makeover Ideas
White Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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White Kitchen Cabinets. Black Countertops. An Unforgettable Home Remodel in Lexington, Massachusetts!

This white kitchen feels so light and bright after remodeling!

These white kitchen cabinets do more than add a dreamy touch to this home. This new remodel increases the storage space by at least 30% thanks to our designers. The home owner loves how the extra storage space clears off these beautiful brand new black countertops! 

Read more about this kitchen remodel for your renovation inspiration!

White Kitchen Ideas: Empty Areas Are Full of Potential 

The humble fridge is an over looked space during the kitchen remodel.

Too often home owners will stick a microwave on top while ignoring the true potential around this appliance. However, we recently had the opportunity to take advantage of this space and transform it into something unique. In this white kitchen renovation, we created a pantry out of what was previously an open space next to the fridge — creating the perfect spot for all of your kitchen essentials! It’s amazing what you can do with just a little creativity and thoughtfulness when it comes to your dream kitchen. Thanks to our designers, they created a floor-to-ceiling pantry that…

  • Adds over 14 cubic feet of storage 
  • Creates 7 shelves
  • Just 1 shelf in this pantry fits an air fryer, a blender, and accessories side by side. 

The home owner has the perfect mini-pantry to store all of their necessities. This one pantry now stores pet food, disposable plates and utensils, lunch boxes, dry goods, kitchen towels, paper towels and more. Maximize space by getting organized today with this must-have kitchen feature.

More storage space means cleaner countertops! 

White Kitchen Remodel Ideas: The Mini-bar

We opened up another unused area in the house and transformed it into a mini-bar. This mini-bar isn’t just about drinks though; with white cabinets, counter space, and plenty of shelving – it’s a multi-functional haven! From wine storage, to seating for intimate conversations, all the way to luxury decor, there are countless ways to make the most of the new mini-bar addition. This gem has quickly become a highlight of our white kitchen remodel – making any gathering or celebration more special and providing that extra something that makes a house feel like home.

This once empty wall is now a mini bar with

  • 18+ cubic feet of storage space
  • Glass cabinets (perfect for storing glassware)
  • Over 2 square feet of new countertop space 

This mini-bar brings in a fresh, inviting look to this white kitchen. Just under the brand new countertops are drawers customized to meet the home owner’s need for storage and organization. There is plenty of storage for plates, utensils, dinner napkins, and more that can easily be tucked away to keep this white kitchen looking brand new!

The Kitchen Island 

During the white kitchen renovation, the home owner wanted to add a kitchen island to their home. Now, it’s the perfect addition for gatherings with family and friends; plus the functionality is unbelievable! Instead of having to tiptoe to access a microwave on top of a fridge, we added a microwave directly into the island that makes heating foods a breeze. We also included hidden electrical outlets that pop up with just one gentle push. These smart kitchen ideas make organization effortless while keeping countertop space free of extension cords and clutter.

This dreamy kitchen island makes this new renovation look better than ever!

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