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Tips for Kitchen Remodel

Monday, 15 Aug, 2016, 10:41 AM

Tips for Kitchen Remodel
Tip 1. Kitchens are all about function. 
Maximizing your storage is essential to having a great kitchen. I have seen many kitchens that have no place to put frying pans, no real pantry and no counter space on either side of the cooktop. These are not functioning kitchens. I contend that all cabinets less than 12 inches wide are useless. If you are going to spend the money to remodel your kitchen, let a designer help maximize the storage space. No more trips to the basement to get than pan or roll of paper towels. At Dream Kitchens we guarantee we will give you at least 30% more storage.
Tip 2. Personalize your kitchen.
Kitchens are the center of our life. Try adding a custom backsplash, a piece of stained glass or some moldings. try contrasting stains or mix up some custom paint. there are endless ways to personalize. Generally, we go to someones home, look at the colors and styles in the rest of the house and bring them into the kitchen. Or, show us pictures of what you like. We can make your kitchen showcase your style and set the mood for your home.

Tip 3. Since the kitchen is the center of your life, open it up to the rest of your home.
Today, the cook wants to be part of the party. An open floor plan that connects the kitchen with the dining room, or even better, a family room, lets you use countertops as a buffet, or watch the Super Bowl which preparing food in the kitchen. Watchers and helpers should be on the fringe where they can talk to you but not get in the way.  It is best to lay out your kitchen so you can do dishes and prepare food, chat with your guests and still see your favorite television show. WE can make all this possible.

Tip 4. Get rid of the clutter.
Most peoples countertops are packed with the coffeemaker, toaster, food processor, knives, spices, and pantry items. This makes it almost impossible to prepare food and makes the kitchen look messy. Have a place to store everything so you can still see and use those beautiful countertops. At Dream Kitchens, we will store everything away so you are ready for company at any time of day.

Tip 5. Make your space efficient.
There are many places we should exercise but the kitchen is not one of the,. Good cooking is about timing and everything should be at your fingertips. Most kitchens have pots and pans stored many steps away from the stove, so you have to walk, get down on your knees, and then unstack and restack the pots to access a pan. Dishes should be storage a step away from the dishwasher and sink and dish towels should be handy. Keep the plastic wraps near the fridge. Everything should be at your fingertips just where you need it.

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