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White Shaker Style Kitchen, Reading MA

Tuesday, 20 Mar, 2018, 6:03 PM

Shaker Style Kitchen Remodel in Reading MA

White Shaker Style Kitchen
Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodel with White and Green Backsplash

Shaker Style Kitchen


  • White and Green Shaker Style Kitchen, Reading MA
  • Costume bar with frosted glass doors incorporated into the kitchen design really give the bar area individuality.
  • Built in outlets under the wall cabinets for the homeowners appliances, makes it easy and convenient to use the appliances or charge you phone without tripping over the cord.
  • Matching backslash behind the range and bar area continues the pop of green throughout the kitchen.
  • Open cabinets in corners for displaying special decorations and to store easily accessible plates and cups in the kitchen.
  • The farm style sink ties into the overall design of the home and complements the continuous line of the quartz countertops.
  • The beautiful chandelier adds personality to the kitchen and livens up the room.
  • Dual waste tucked away in the white cabinets to keep the smell down and open up the floor plan in the kitchen remodel.
  • Plenty of drawers and cabinets for storage space at hands reach in the new kitchen remodel in Reading MA.
  • New vinyl flooring throughout the kitchen is super durable and low maintenance, great for homeowners that have pets or children.
  • Recessed lighting to lighten the kitchen up when it’s time to prep food for all of the homeowners meals.
  • Additional lighting along backslash for some mood lighting. All lights are on dimmers so you can find that perfect setting.

In Summary- 
This new and improved shaker style kitchen in Reading MA, has a great flow when it comes to function and has pops of green in the backsplash throughout the white kitchen. The kitchen has a large white farm style sink that goes with the overall design of the house. There is plenty of storage space along the perimeters of the kitchen to provide the homeowners with an open concept kitchen style. The countertops are white with a spark of flux to give it that extra special glow. There is a separate area for the bar that has frosted glass panels in the cabinets to illuminate the area and make it stand out. Underneath the cabinets there are outlets tucked away out of sight yet fully functional so the homeowners can keep their appliances plugged in with out tripping over the cored or having the cord in sight.

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