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Unique Space

Designs For Your Whole House!

What other kinds of spaces do you want in your home? Maybe you have books that clutter your bedroom, or maybe you want an entertainment center to host all of your parties. We’ve transformed ordinary rooms into Dream rooms: living rooms, home offices, laundry rooms, even a built-in bar. Whatever it is, we have designs for you!

Improve Storage Space In Every Room!

Storage is key in any space, and we make sure to add plenty of it. Most of the remolded spaces have custom painted cabinetry with new granite countertops. Need a new laundry room? We’ll make sure to add extra counterspace for folding and make the space pop so washing and drying won’t be a chore anymore.

A Dream Kitchen Is Just The Beginning!

 A custom bar and entertainment space are perfect for hosting your next event. Glass wall cabinets will hold all of your glassware. Glass shelves allow you to proudly display top shelf liquor or any other décor you might have. A built-in entertainment center with unique recessed lighting is sure to stun all of your guests.  

Every room deserves the Dream Kitchens touch! Our Talented Design Team can transform even the humble laundry room into a spacious storage room fit for royalty! Imagine all your detergents and fabric softeners having their own organised place instead of being pushed into a clutter. Have a home office? Let us work our magic to create the ultimate space to work from home. Imagine custom drawers for your work papers and equipment with personalised designs to help you focus on work.

Take a look through this photo gallery of some of the other spaces we remodeled! A Dream Kitchen is just the beginning. Contact us for more information or to start designing your dream kitchen.

White and Grey Remodel-Groton, MA

 This White and Grey Remodel features…

  • White shaker cabinets
  • Driftwood drawers and paneling under island to add dimension
  • Glass cabinets at the top to display décor and colorful cookware
  • Built-in stunning black appliances that fit right into the space
  • Black hood to match appliances
  • Custom backsplash ties all the colors together
  • Granite countertop
  • Peninsula style island with sink facing out 
  • Floor to ceiling pantry cabinets 
  • Pendant lighting over the peninsula
  • Lots of recessed lighting to brighten up the space

The White and Grey Remodel Design

Our White and Grey Remodel is an excellent example of space and style. This large space is excellently redesigned with our Dream Kitchen Designers. We added dimension through a two-toned palette. This kitchen flows together seamlessly to create a welcoming space. Recessed lighting, a custom backsplash, and large countertop space make excellent design choices.

The Cabinets

White shaker cabinets are placed strategically throughout the kitchen. Glass panels elegantly display beautiful cookware or décor. Floor to ceiling pantry cabinets are perfect for all your groceries. 

Driftwood-like wood creates a calm atmosphere. We used this wood for the lower drawers and cabinets. The large space feels even more spacious with paneling under the peninsula island. Cool wooden tones compliment the bright white cabinets perfectly.

The Backsplash and Countertop

The custom backsplash ties together the white, grey, and black. Black appliances stand out with the grey matching hood over the stove. Two pendant lights highlight beautiful white and grey granite countertop.

The Gallery

Imagine yourself in this kitchen! You could prepare food like a professional on the countertop, enjoy a glass of wine with a friend, or entertain without ever feeling separate from the conversation. Check out the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen.

Two hanging lights accent the grey peninsula which seats two.
A combination of grey drawers and white cabinets improve the kitchen´s storage space.
Storage, storage, storage! Floor to ceiling cabinets are an excellent choice to improve storage space.
This stove is tucked away in a corner allowing the cook to have their own space while prepping food.
Glass cabinets top the white cabinets, elegantly displaying decor.

White and Grey Remodel – Lexington, MA

New kitchen with charcoal cabinetry
 New kitchen with charcoal cabinetry

This White And Grey Remodel Features…

  • Matte grey cabinetry 
  • Light grey subway style backsplash
  • Stunning white and grey mosaic tile behind hood
  • Tucked in stainless steel appliances
  • Exposed shelves next to hood
  • Window to bring in natural light
  • Lots of recessed lighting
  • Large kitchen with elevated surface 
  • White marble countertops

The White and Grey Remodel

The Island

The White and Grey remodel features a large unique island in the center. This custom island is the kitchen´s focal point. Add barstools at the counter, and immediately transform the kitchen into the perfect entertainment space for all of your guests. A kitchen was placed in the island so you can always be part of the conversation, as well as the stainless-steel dishwasher and extra storage. A raised platform makes the island even larger and separates your prep space from the designated entertaining area. 

The Cabinets

The kitchen is filled with the cool charcoal cabinetry that extends to the panels under the island. With floor to ceiling cabinets next to the fridge, you’ll never run out of pantry space. Exposed shelves next to the hood is an interesting element where you are able to customize the space further and show off your favorite cookbook or other décor. 

The Color Palette

A customized color palette brings this space to life. While the grey cabinets grab your attention initially, the backsplash also stands-out as a statement piece. Light grey subway style backsplash lines the majority of the kitchen wall except behind the hood, where white and grey mosaic tiles take over. To finish off the space, we added white marble countertops.

In Conclusion…

Despite the cooler tones, this space still remains bright and airy. A window sits over the counter and reflects perfectly off of the white countertops. Recessed lighting is strategically placed to highlight all parts of the space. Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen.

Contact us for your next remodel. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

This custom island features multiple tiers which is perfect to entertain and keep food prep out of sight! This design has a dishwasher and a sink installed.

New Two Toned Kitchen – Boxborough, MA

The Two Toned White and Dark Brown Kitchen Remodel

  • White shaker cabinets above flow into the dark brown cabinetry
  • Cabinetry extends to ceiling with clear glass panels with recessed lighting to display glassware
  • Large island serves as centerpiece
  • Tucked in stainless steel appliances
  • White granite countertop matches white textured backsplash with tiles of grey and sand
  • Stovetop placed within island, as well as addition storage
  • Two white pendant lights hang over island to brighten up seating area
  • Large bar around the corner with even more storage

A Large Kitchen Remodel Featuring An Island Big Enough For The Whole Family!

This Two Toned Kitchen is the ultimate entertaining space. Walk into this kitchen and immediately notice the large island that dramatically takes over. It has everything you need: extra cabinet storage, prep space, a stovetop, and seating for four. 

The Cabinetry

The contrasting cabinetry add dimension to the large space. With white shaker cabinets in the top half of the kitchen, and dark brown in the bottom half, it gives you more than enough storage. Have any decorative glasses you want to show off? We put in cabinets with glass panels that extend to the ceiling with recessed lighting inside.

With two-toned cabinets, it is essential to make sure the rest of the kitchen matches that palette. Our designers did this perfectly! You can’t go wrong with a white granite countertop as it brightens up the space naturally. The backsplash ties all colors together with its solid white background and specks of grey and sand. 

The Kitchen

The main part of the kitchen flows beautifully to the bar station around the corner. Matching white and brown cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash fill the space and create a feature piece for the kitchen. A large panel of glass cabinets hang over the counter, big enough for all of your glassware. 

Love this kitchen? Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen.

New Traditional Kitchen – Boxboro, MA

Traditional Kitchen Remodel with Dark Wood Cabinetry

  • Natural cherry wood cabinets and drawers
  • Beautiful granite countertops
  • White subway tile backsplash with accent strip of white and grey tiles
  • Mosaic backsplash behind stove of white, black, and grey tiles
  • Brand new stainless-steel appliances
  • Large floor to ceiling pantry cabinets 
  • Three large windows to bring in natural light
  • Stained glass pendant lighting 
  • Large island with built in sink, microwave, and dishwasher
  • Curved peninsula seating at end of island that comfortably seats four

A Large Kitchen Model Designed To Double Your Storage!

This Traditional Cherry Kitchen remodel is a classic; it never goes out of style! The darker toned cabinets line the walls of the space and panel the island. In the corner, there are two floor to ceiling pantry cabinets for all of your groceries. A glass paneled cabinet sits next to those for all of your decorative glassware. 

The Backsplash Design

White subway tile backsplash lines the kitchen walls with an accent strip of grey and white tiles. To serve as a statement piece, we placed a mosaic backsplash behind the stove made up of white, black, and grey tiles. A granite countertop ties the color palette together and modernizes the traditional kitchen. 

The Kitchen Island

A large island was the perfect addition to the space. It serves not only as the ultimate prep space, but also a nice seating area with its curved peninsula. Imagine entertaining your friends here! A built-in sink, microwave, and dishwasher makes this island extra functional. Three stunning stained-glass pendant lights hang over the island; another added statement piece. The unique wood paneling on the island adds texture to the kitchen.

Nifty Features

Other cool elements of the remodel include three large windows to bring in natural light, a small beverage fridge, and more than enough storage space. Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen!

Large White Kitchen Remodel – Lexington, MA

Kitchen Remodel with Beautiful White Shaker Cabinets

  • White cabinetry with unique touches like open shelves and cubbies
  • Full wall of storage
  • Tucked in stainless-steel appliances
  • Granite countertops that extend into peninsula island to easily seat three
  • Plenty of recessed lighting
  • Multi-level island that acts as cooking space and seating area
  • Two large stainless-steel sinks
  • Two exposed-bulb pendant lights that hang over the island

A unique remodel filled with plenty of seating areas!

We transformed this kitchen into an inviting area for all your guests. The white cabinetry is filled with unique additions. We designed cabinets of every size, shape, and height. Open shelves proudly display the décor. Cubbies store any smaller items. These cabinets even feature additional countertop space.

The Design

Are you an entertainer at heart? This kitchen is a dream with all of the seating areas and counter space. A playful granite countertop compliments the white cabinetry and accents. An exciting backsplash is behind the stove. The countertop space extends into a circular peninsula seating area. Four people easily fit for a quick breakfast.

The Kitchen Island

The large kitchen island serves a dual purpose as the main seating area. Two levels offer a perfect distinction between prep space and eating space. A built-in stainless-steel dishwasher, a second sink, and even more storage under the countertop are among the island features.


Extra lighting brightens up this white kitchen. Two pendant lights with clear glass covers hang above the island. These creates a unique rustic touch to the modern space. Recessed lighting line the perimeter of the kitchen to highlight the white cabinetry. An abundance of natural light flows in from windows and the patio door.

Take a look at the pictures below and contact us today to start designing your dream kitchen! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

Rustic Modern Kitchen Remodel, Windham NH

Rustic Modern Kitchen Remodel, Windham NH

Rustic Modern Kitchen Remodel, Windham NH
  • Rustic Modern Kitchen Remodel, Windham NH with wall to wall recycled brick from old mill buildings.
  • Large multi level island in the center of the kitchen with rap around eating area and plenty of storage space.
  • Plenty of cabinet storage for pots, mixing bowls, Tupperware, pans, serving dishes, small appliances and anything else the owner could desire.
  • Outlets under wall cabinets and island are hidden away out of view but still provide function.
  • Dual waste in island and under cabinets makes it convenient for a large family.
  • Plenty of drawer storage for all kitchen needs at hands reach.
  • Full height brick backsplash to provide a rustic look and historical element to the kitchen remodel, Windham NH.
  • White painted cabinets with gray and white quartz countertops tops and island, provide a nice contrast against the brick and cherry wood.
  • Vinyl flooring looks like wood flooring but has a long lasting durability.
  • Cherry wood accents throughout Rustic Modern kitchen remodel, Windham NH.

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